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I'd like to second the Tap Interval and Hover Period similar to what SaintlySins and a few others have mentioned.... from what I've read and experienced, here's a brief description (and my settings):

Tap Interval: Amount of time allowed between taps to register a double tap. For example, in the browser, you double click to zoom. If you have Tap Interval set to 100, it means you have to tap twice within a very short period of time (100 ms maybe?), whereas a setting of 500 is more forgiving. (My setting: 500, though I'm considering reducing this to 200 or so since I seem to inadvertently zoom fairly often)

Hover Period: amount of time required to hover over (i.e. keep your finger on the screen) before activating certain hover features. For example, when switching into cursor mode to reposition your cursor when editing text. Another example is the "quick" filter in your Messages list -- if you hover over a Sender (or a Subject) in your messages list, it will filter your messages to show only messages from that Sender (or in that particular message thread). With a Hover Period of 1000, these features are painfully slow. (My setting: 200)

Keep in mind this is my interpretation after lots of reading and playing with various settings and still may not be 100% accurate. Please correct me if I'm wrong ;)

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