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Originally Posted by SaintlySins View Post
Additional observation;
When typing in Landscape mode, (personal favorite), there's a noticeable gap between the two sides of the keyboard running right down the middle. If I reach across the middle line when typing (right to left/vice-versa), I'm bound to get a wrong key. After studying this a little more, I realize the phone's been programmed for you to "short-the-key" (my own definition) when typing as you're fingers touch the screen in a slightly different place than your eye shows you - because your fingers are rounded and contact isn't quite where you visualize it to be.
I hope I've explained this well enough. If you "landscape" type, you'll see what I mean if you try and speed-type across the middle of the keyboard from the opposite end. This could explain some of the continued complaints from those who hunt-and-peck -vs- those who thumb-type with both thumbs.

I'll post this on both Key-Board threads running.
Hope it helps.
HOLY CRAP. You're right. Unbelievable.

I just got my Storm today. Long time BB user (1st time poster, I think...) and I am just floored by this thing. Gotta lots of the reviews before receiving it and I was getting worried. Now I see that it's really just people that don't bother figuring out what RIM was actually doing when it made the Storm do what it does. And it does it all very well, IMO.
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