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Originally Posted by wild satchmo View Post
... does not feel as nice as a polished 'built for touchscreen' OS like android or the iphone OS.
Okay, granted. But, there are other reasons why I definitely do not want an iPhone. And I don't think I want an Android phone, either. I could be wrong, but my perception is that Android is not as well-integrated into an Exchange mailbox as a BB or a WM phone, and that is critical to me.

Between the Omnia and the Storm, they both seem to be somewhat handicapped by shoehorning an older OS into a touch screen phone. I count them somewhat equal there. The Storm could really use a trackball. But, the Omnia apparently has some areas, if you go deep enough into application settings and so forth, where you need to use a stylus, because the only (virtual) keyboard available is the built-in WM one, which has the letters so small and close together that you really can't use it with your fingertip.
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