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Default Using AT&T WiFi Hotspots on the Bold

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So I haven't been able to get my Bold working w/ the free AT&T Hotspots at places like Starbucks, airports, etc. I contacted AT&T customer support this weekend and they said if you have Wifi turned on, as soon as your Bold finds a hotspot it should connect automatically. And unlike the iPhone where you try to login in and provide your phone number and get a text, don't have to do any of that w/ the BB.

When I go to Manage Connections --> Wifi Options, "AT&T Wi-Fi" is listed (and always has been) as a saved Wi-Fi profile. Security is set as none and the first check box (Automatically obtain IP Address) is checked while the bottom two (Allow inter-access point handover and Prompt before connection) are unchecked. The SSID is "attwifi". I haven't touched any of these settings since I got my device. I would point out that sometimes when I go into the WiFi Options the "AT&T Wifi" profile is italicized which I think means it is disabled...if I hit menu and "Enable" it goes back to plain text.

So I have tried 3 separate Starbucks and none of them seem to work. When the Bold doesn't connect automatically I go to Manage Connections --> Setup Wifi Connection and hit the "Scan for Networks" button. On each occasion it has found the AT&T Hotspot (usually it is the first network listed). When I click Connect, it takes a few seconds and then brings up a "Success" screen with the option to either access the Hotspot Browser or a Finish button. If I access the Hotspot Browser it tells me that "I need to be connected via Wifi to use the browser" and the Wifi icon below the signal strength indicator is still grayed out. If I then go into Wifi Options, this is when I usually see the AT&T Wifi Profile in doing the Scan for Networks actually disabling the saved profile?

I am running .167 (what it came with) on my AT&T Bold and have a BES plan. I have gotten Wifi to work fine in my house over my personal network (sometimes it goes in and out but generally is pretty decent).

So what am I missing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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