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Dan-BB, in most cases during a virus or worm outbreak, especially the post-Code Red days to Nimda and on into the Blaster RPC worms, a LOT of companies were sued by other companies for harming their networks, whether it was that company's direct fault or not. In some cases, companies had to turn off various switches, firewalls or proxies to limit traffic outside of their network until they were able to contain the worm or virus. The same goes for email viruses within companies - if the issue is severe enough, services are shut down. If they are severe to the point that it affects other companies, then I'll bet that a lawsuit is filed.

With that said, I think LAW has a great point. If this would have been a government and portions of emails would have been sent to external persons, then I'd say someone would be in trouble. Or if this was in the Human Resources department at a company or an executive. It does give out the sense of a lot that could go wrong, despite there being a slim chance of it doing so. Its the ultimate first 'what if' scenario where everyone is now focusing on the rare negative impact rather than the idea that this happened to a single individual most likely with a fairly unique environment.

But whatever...
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