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Default KSOAP problem

i had tried KSOAP2 to run on a Blackberry JDE4.6 but it didnt work fine for me,

i have this code:

SoapObject myObject = new SoapObject("", "stringConcat");
HttpTransport transport = new HttpTransport("http:--localhost: 8080-BlackberryWS-BlackberryService");

myObject.addProperty("fname", "my");
myObject.addProperty("lname", "test");

SoapSerializationEnvelope envelope = new SoapSerializationEnvelope(SoapEnvelope.VER11);


transport.debug = true;"stringConcat", envelope);

String data = envelope.getResponse().toString();

DataGramProtocol(ConnectionBase).recieve(DataGram) Source not found problem pops up upon Debug. and as i look at the variables this._connectionHandlerName = "httpc"
and this._name = //localhost:8080/BlackberryWS/BlackberryService;ConnectionHandler=httpc

but with KSOAP2 SE:

the code works fine changing

HttpTransport transport = new HttpTransport("http:--localhost: 8080/ BlackberryWS/ BlackberryService");


HttpTransportSE transport = new HttpTransportSE("http:--localhost:8080/BlackberryWS/BlackberryService");

meaning with blackberry it changes http to httpc.. how can i make it maintain in http?

can anybody help? please..
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