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Exclamation Re: Dog Slow

I was at the Verizon store yesterday to complain, as usual, that whenever I make a minor change, my account gets all screwed up (i.e., changed my Curve for a Storm, and all of a sudden I'm being charged for tethering and the unlimited email package for $45 and they've changed me from BIS to BES, etc. etc.).

Anyhow, while I was there I asked the guy "has anyone else mentioned how slow the phone seems to be?" I noticed that my phone was acting as if it was left in the car in the winter....every button push was time delayed, whether it was an app button, or the keylock, or portrait/landscape was slow!

The sales guy says yes, and proceeds to look at some email he received with a debug fix. He attempts to do it on my phone, but can't seem to figure it out. I asked him if he would forward me the email, so I could share it with my Storm owning sisters. He said sure, but never did, even after me reminding him. Wonder if he reconsidered and thought it would get him in trouble?

Either way, the associates have been issued a Debug email, and from what I could read over his shoulder, it involved clearing the event log, but even more than that. I saw something about pressing the number lock key, and then something else about the debug option....I'm sorry I didn't see more.

So if anyone out there knows about this email, he claims it fixes the cold-like slowness. Please share!


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