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My brother kept the Omnia for 1 day, then returned it and ordered a Storm.

I only got to play with his Omnia for a few minutes, but I wasn't impressed. The Omnia rules, on paper, but my brief usage of it left me with these negatives:

- typing using the SureType-style kb sucks, compared to SureType on a BB. It takes 3 screen presses to type a period (or any other punctuation) and be back in text typing mode.

- calling people from the address book sucks (compared to a BB). Particularly if you have a lot of contacts. I have over 1200 contacts in my address book and the WinMo way of working would be a big handicap compared to a BB. Example: the finest WinMo granularity for finding a contact is to scroll to a specific letter. So, if I want to call Joe Smith, I can scroll to the S's, then I have to scroll individual entries to find the one I want. If I have 50 contacts with a last name that starts with S, it could take me a while to find the one I want. Example 2: if I want to call somebody, but I can only remember their first name. On my BB, I can just type their first name into the dialer and it will show me all matching contacts. On WinMo, I'm not sure how you could do that. I suppose there may be a Search function you could invoke. But, it would definitely not be as easy as just starting to type their name. Example 3: on the BB, I can type part of the first name and part of the last name, and the list will quickly filter to all Contacts that match. Very handy, especially if you can't remember exactly how their name is spelled. I don't think there's a way to do this in WinMo.

- If you're typing on the Omnia and you rotate the screen, the kb disappears and you have to tap the icon at the bottom to bring it back up.

- it *appears* that you can't have it automatically use SureType in Portrait mode and QWERTY in Landscape. That is how the Storm works and seems preferable. The Omnia QWERTY kb is too small in Portrait, so I'd rather use SureType if I'm in Portrait. But the Landscape QWERTY is big enough so I'd rather have that, then. Of course, as I already pointed out, the SureType kb on the Omnia is seriously flawed, so I probably would not want to use it at all. Which means typing on the Omnia, for me, is really only effective in Landscape mode - which I would not like.

- the Omnia GPS is locked (and the Storm GPS is not).

- the Omnia WiFi really only adds a marginal improvement over Verizon's EVDO service.

- I did not like the Omnia's haptic feedback. It "clicked" every time I touched the screen - even if I was just doing a touch-and-drag operation.

- the low screen res on the Omnia. It appears that there are things in map data and in the browser that would be legible at the same size on a Storm, that aren't legible on the Omnia. That is really lame.

- the Omnia optical mouse was pretty cool, but it lacked some pretty obvious (to me) functionality. Like, if it's in mouse mode, and you're in the browser, and you scroll the mouse to the bottom of the screen and try to keep going down, it ought to scroll the browser page up, but it doesn't. And, since I learned about how you can touch, hold and then move the cursor on the Storm screen, the Omnia mouse is no longer really an advantage. Call 'em equal on that score.

- I read somewhere, but didn't get to verify, that on the Omnia, you can't make text (SMS) messages and email show in different mailboxes. I definitely would not want my text msgs and emails all showing in one combined list.

- The Omnia has no Back button. There were several places where I got to and thought it really need one. Maybe I was just missing something here.

- The Omnia could not play the streaming Internet radio station that I normally listen to. I paid $20 for BerryTunes for my BB and it streams my favorite Internet radio station perfectly. Windows Media Player on the Omnia always returned "Parameter incorrect" or something like that, and wouldn't play it.
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