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Originally Posted by dolo View Post
Law - thanks for sharing.

Great feedback. All in all it sounds like you're pretty satisfied with your javelin.

Will this become your main phone?

A buddy of mine is sending me a Javelin to use in the states. I'll unlock and use on ATT. I currently use the iPhone.

Yes, i am very satisfied with my Javelin. And yes, it will become my main phone. I plan on keeping this phone for a long time. It's afunny how I came across getting this phone. My previous phone was an 8300. Fantastic phone. And being an Apple guy I got an iPhone. Then Roger's 3G performance forced me to switch back to my 8300 (which, if I thought about it wasn't all that bad). But fortunately, I was able to sell my iPhone on Craigslist for $400, and I found a buyer for my 8300 for $50, and (thanks to my lucky girlfriend) I won a PS3 and sold that too for $400. So I actually bought the phone outright for $549+tax. It is the perfect replacement for my 8300.

Originally Posted by dolo View Post
Law - one other question.

How is browsing on WiFi? Painfully slow? Compared to Bold and iPhone?

Browsing on Wifi is just as fast as any other G-band wireless phone. Downloads are quick and painless. Very similar to download speeds on the Wifi of a Bold or iPhone. A little faster than a 3G connection, as expected. You are still going to be restricted to the Blackberry browser tho. So unlike iPhone, you can't expect full HTML pages, although some pages look the same. I'm not exactly sure (to be honest, i don't browse on my phone that much, hence the reason why I don't mind an EDGE phone). I haven't done that much exploring on the web through my Javelin.
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