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Default 8330 Lag & Battery Drain - Common Problem According to Bell

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i had this problem with my 8330 3 weeks after purchasing it. it has just happened again. i'm furious.

here were the major issues:

1. going on the net was ridiculously slow and frustrating.
2. typing texts and emails were impossible because the of the lag. i could not see what i was typing and some characters didnt show up so i would have to go back and spell the word again.
3. switching between screens took life.
4. there was constantly an hourglass on the screen and within a day the BATTERY WAS DRAINED!
5. sometimes it would freeze with a white screen and the hourglass constantly working.
6. shutdown and reboot took forever (2 minutes +)

my phone had become a major stressor...

i went to Bell to discuss this issue. they tried to remain calm and bullshit their way through a situation where they could have honestly said:

'look, i'm a salesperson, i have no idea whats wrong with your phone. i'm here to talk to people and sell you a phone'

instead they kept commenting that the phone keeps 'clocking' (the hourglass constantly popping up on the screen)

their response to the slow startup and shutdown time is 'the blackberry is like a little computer and it takes time to startup just like a home computer. mine does it too'

bullshit. new blackberry's startup in 2 seconds. (and this one two after i fixed it... read on)

they decided it would be best to resend me the service books. so they sent them to my email... and of course it wasn't received right away. that was another issue, phone didnt receive texts and emails as quickly as before. and facebook notifications stopped coming altogether.

once i received the books, it didnt fix the problem.

they gave me 2 options:

1. call the 800 tech support number
2. i am not happy with it they can order me a refurbished curve but it would take 3-4 weeks.

tech support is pointless. look everybody needs a job, some people just arent into what they do, i understand that. they sit in front a a computer with a FAQ on their screen they use to search for answers. i dont expect someone to know everything about each blackberry model.

would be nice if RIM had a number you could call and speak to someone who knows about your specific model. would make recommending a blackberry to other people much smoother

i was not going to wait for a month for a new/refurbished phone.

i resorted to treating the phone like a computer and tried a few things before the ultimate 'format and reinstall'

first off, took out the battery, waited 10 minutes, put it back in, no change.

i should also mention i had over 40 MB's free on the phone. all my media was loaded on a media card.

clearing the memory didnt do a thing. i also uninstalled all apps that didnt come with my phone.

1. espn mobile web
2. facebook
3. bphone theme
4. google sync
5. google maps

not too many extra apps at all. still no change.

so what i did was wiped the handheld clean by going to applications/options/security options/general settings... then pressing the blackbery button on the handheld and finally reaching the option that says 'wipe handheld'

installed OS no problem.

phone booted up in 2 seconds, no hourglass, NO PROBLEM.

i reinstalled the facebook app, google maps. bPhone theme. that was it.

i would rather keep my phone running smooth instead of loading it with themes and pointless apps i would never use everyday.

so the phone was fine for a month and a half and now is started doing it again. out of nowhere. there was nothing changed to the phone for this to happen. only thing i used on it was internet, and seriously, i go on a few sites.

espn's wap site to check NHL, NFL, NBA and soccer news and scores.
cbs sportslines fantasy football page
wikipedia to look up random facts and settle bets.
google to search for addresses, but very rarely
google maps

that is the extent of my internet use.

could there be a virus out there???

just wanted to throw that possibility in the air to see what people think.

for the phone to work fine for 45 days and with nothing new added to it why would it start to lose its mind on me again???

I'm going to backup my address book and wipe the handheld and reinstall AGAIN.

good luck to anyone else having the same problem. i dont see any other solution.
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