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Default I own the Omnia Verizon customers we're locked into these two choices. I wish I could get an iPhone, but that's not even a choice (thanks to Verizon denying Steve Jobs' offer). Anyway, I have had the Omnia for about a week. Yes, it is sleek. I like the 5 mpx camera, the idea that memory can be expanded to 24gig (8 onboard/16 micro sd), and the browser. It is small, and on PAPER looks better.

So (like you didn't know this was coming) here are the things I HATE: The video player (touch player) is glitchy. As a matter of fact, I found myself "soft" reseting the phone just to get the player to operate. Yes, it comes with a stylus. Know why? Because there are elements of the touch screen too small to touch with error! (Scroll bar, the "ok" or "x" in the upper right corner, and keyboard while in portrait mode) How frustrating. Next, if you want to call a contact that's not set up on a speed dial - you have to scroll through your contact list (good luck with that!). Oh, and as far as speed dial. If your used to hitting the assigned number on the keypad to bring up that contact, forget it. You have to go into a menu, select speed dial, then go through a list (hopefully it's not too long). Kinda defeats the purpose of speed dial. Got Bluetooth? Well forget any hands free operation if your driving. The phone won't dial on a voice command if the phone's screen is locked, or (and this is more likely to happen) you've accidentally engaged an application or menu. The screen is hyper sensitive to the touch. If this is the case, you'll have to get your phone out, close the menu or app. and then make your call. Not very "hands free"! Lastly, if you want to input text (entering new contact info, browser search bars, calendar entries, or any type of "box") you'll find this difficult as well. You can use the optical mouse, but it definitely slows you down. Plus, I really didn't notice the difference Wi-Fi contributed.

I truly wanted to love this phone. It sounded so awesome - on paper. The bells and whistles may sound nice, but they just don't operate smoothy. And it is a phone! Functionality was terrible.

I'm shipping my Omnia back and getting the Storm. I did have a chance to check it out at a store and I agree with the other members. It seems much smoother in operation - and let's face it, that's what a phone experience should be. It's a tool not a headache. I may be back to let you all know what I think of the Storm.
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