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Originally Posted by mrmartymac View Post
Wirelessly posted

Similar to what Rustproofcorn said, I find that the orientation of the phone matters. I use the answer button found on the screen. However it is important to pay attention to the phone's orientation. For example if you picked the phone up and the display is in landscape and you rotate to portrait, wait for the screen to catch up before trying to answer. It is my observation that is the phone is "thinking" about rotating, but hasn't yet actually rotated the phone will not answer. At least this is my current hypothesis. FWIW.
I concur 100%. When my Storm is in my holster it is positioned horizontally... so when I answer the phone... I always wait for it to orient itself to portrait mode...(only takes a second)... then I press the soft answer key. Works like a charm. I haven't missed a call this way yet.

By the way, Paulpo, your thread title did make me chuckle

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