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Originally Posted by RSBCTrumpet View Post
I had to register just to post this message, but I felt it worth the reply. I too am looking at these new phones, but there is one thing that nobody has even mentioned!
I current have an older Samsung i760 from Verizon, and if you have never tried the voice command features, it is worth noting the comparison. Lets face it, most of your phone use is going to be for communicatin and primarity talking. The Omnia continues with the same voice command features of its previous models. You can ask it to play music, any song, ask it about your appointments, launch any program, play the radio, and it even understands variations.
For instance.. I can say: "Dial 1 Eight Hundred ######" or i can say: "Dial 1-8-0-0-####". It doesn't matter if I say the numbers or the words, I can say "Call John's cellular" or "Call John's mobile", it doesn't matter. It is unbeliveable. It doesn't matter who asks it, it does not need training, no voice tags, etc. For the first time, I am actually able to use the bluetooth device without ever taking the phone out of my holster. It also announces who is calling, my appointments, etc. So I never have to look at my phone to see who is calling. There is only one other mention of the Omnia using voice command in this thread, but it will use hands free calling if the screen is locked, as well as answering thru Bluetooth, but you have to check the BT hands free box to enable it.
I tried this on the BB Storm and it did not have near the functionallity. It could hardly find the person I was asking for, and it took many tries. It had no clue if I asked it for help, or "what are the commands" or play my music, etc.
Both phones have their strengths and weakness, but if you have never examined voice command technology, it should be noted.
Personally, I do no use speed dialing (voice command instead), I do not view video/movies, so this is not important to me. As far as the same (PastorSteve) member who posted, about the difficulty of closing a screen because of the "X" in the corner, I have to agree. Any touch screen Windows Mobile device, it is hard to close these windows by touching the "X" in the corners. My current phone, this has always been difficult as well, but the Omnia introduced the optical mouse that makes this much simpler to use without a stylus, but again, you have to enable this as well.

I have had multiple issues with bluetooth voice dialing on my Storm. Also don't like trying to find a contact on the BB Storm....much easier on my WinMo Treo.
My WinMo on the Omnia any more stable than on the Treo? Mine gave me constant email for hours - pull the battery and POW `15 emails flood Flash Player for BB...Opera is a pain to navigate without a trackball or stylus.
However, thanks to others on this board - the Storm virtual keyboard is now awesome! AND I LOVE getting instant email notification from any or all of my various email accounts....Push mail is horrible (or was that my Treo??).

So....I have 14 more days left in my return I return the Storm for the Omnia????

It's very tempting
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