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Ok, I have sort of fixed my Bold, or at least got it back to the original state. When I turned Data off, and then on again, the WIFI didn't come back. The WIFI symbol stayed grayed out even though it was connected to a router (any router).

To make it work again, I had to go to Manage Connections -> Mobile Network Options -> Menu - Diagnosticts Test -> Menu - Run

Once the diagnostic completed, my WIFI worked again, but only with Data Services On. It seems to me that the BlackBerry programmers have wired it so that you cannot set your handset to purely connect over WIFI alone with the Data Services OFF. The Data Services setting and the WIFI capability are linked. You can leave Data Services On but turn off the mobile network and only use the WIFI, but you can't receive calls that way.

Either the programmers don't know that this flaw exists or they have intentionally wired it that way so that people have to buy data plans and spend more money. We probably need to post this somewhere where the programmers can see it.

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