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Originally Posted by dpeters11
Maybe I'm wrong about this, but it seems to me that this could be done through the properties of the server, in the Pre-Population tab. I think by default it gets 7 days worth of headers, up to 200 messages, but I'd think you could change that to get more messages, unless we're talking about a lot of e-mails going back a long time. This is on 4.0, I can't remember how it works in the older 3.6 and earlier.
Message prepopulation is certainly an option. This is only available on BES v4.0 and later. BES 3.6 does not have this feature.

Default setting is 5 days or 200 messages. Max is 7 days or 350 messages.

So this will send a number of emails from the user's inbox to the blackberry, but not all if the number of messages is greater than 350 messages or older than 7 days.

The following instructions relate to Exchange BES. If you're on a Domino or Groupwise BES, maybe somebody else can assist.

The message prepopulation needs to be enabled (which I think it is by default) and one of the following two criteria must be true for message prepopulation to happen:

1. The user is a new user on the BES.
2. There is a new handheld assigned to this user.

If neither is true, you can simulate #1 by removing the user from the BES and deleting all the blackberry information from the user's mailbox when it prompts you to. Also, when re-adding the user to the BES, you have to remove all user statistics if it prompts you. It is very important to delete this information or else the BES will consider the user an existing user and therefore will not perform message prepopulation.

Next, security wipe your handheld and perform an enterprise activation. The message prepopulation should happen during the enterprise activation process. Note: You lose all of the data you have on your blackberry by performing a security wipe.

Other option is to forward the emails to yourself. The problem with this is that all the emails you see on your blackberry will say it's from yourself.

Remember, you can not synchronize emails. You can only reconcile emails.

So bugsy, your helpdesk is correct, unless you're on BES v4.0 in which case you can mention message prepopulation to them.

Good luck.