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Originally Posted by conker
In my ideal world, RIM would adopt Android but keep all the same functionality that we all know, expect and love from a BlackBerry device. This will prepare them for the future. Right now, they have a legacy platform that feels like a leaking dike patched with band-aids
RIM should abandon their own platform for Android? Please. To what end? "All the same functionality" doesn't require a platform change to Android because we already have the functionality today.

And what would such a move say to all of the millions of users of BlackBerry devices? It would say we have no confidence in our platform so you shouldn't either.

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry
Remember - everything, and that means EVERYTHING, Google does is for one reason: to gather more information about you and your habits. Not to give you great "beta" software - to gather information about you. That they can then sell.
You've made a big charge there. Any links to credible news sources that in any way supports your statement that Google sells user information? No?

Originally Posted by dyrianq
They had this huge embarassing security flaw last month and security is really important in the eyes of corporate users. BlackBerry is still #1 for business use.
Is this meant to imply that RIM is immune to bugs in their software? What about the PDF bug from earlier this year? The very recent Desktop Manager Active X bug? Or the Storm needing a reflash at release because of a "security issue"?

Huge bug? No bigger than some of RIM's from this year. Embarrassing? Aren't they all?

Originally Posted by conker View Post
The scary thing is, or if you want to look at it form another angle, impressive - is where it is at such an early stage.
It is neither scary nor is it impressive. Google bought Android in 2005 and it had been in development for a few years at that point. Given that they are now 5 years or so down the road with Android I am rather surprised that it isn't more advanced and feature rich than it is.

And just for the record, RIM doesn't need to "find a way" to license Android. They can download it for free as soon as the source is released. January is what I read somewhere but I don't know for sure. Go here and read about it if you would like:

Developer Roadmap - Android

The Apache License means that anyone will be able to use Android.
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