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Thumbs down Samsung Omnia??? More like Samsung "Ominous"

Hello everyone, I'm the non-proud owner of a Samsung Omnia. I've only had it for 5 days and am hating it more and more everyday. I've turned to good ol' Google University to find some reviews between the Storm and the Omnia and stumbled across this awesome forum.
Well, I guess I can name a few of the issues I've encountered with my Omnia. The screen can be rather hesitant at times causing you to click on an option twice thus making the phone act in ways you did NOT intend. I'll have to agree with many of you in that there are certain screens where the options are so small you need a stylus. Although the phone does come with a stylus (looks like a make-up applicator, btw) I opt not to use it as it would require me to carry extra junk I don't need (or have room for)!!
When in portrait mode, I find myself mistyping words frequently in FULL qwerty mode. I did however, find some message typing videos on youtube (regarding the Storm) and found that it's a lot easier to type messages. Another point I'll have to agree with that certain ppl mentioned is how difficult it is to use the side scroll bar. You definitely need the stylus or some newborn's nails to move the scroll bar.
Last but not least is the BATTERY LIFE on this thing. I swear I charge this phone all night long. On the way to work I'll talk to my girl for about 30 minutes and I've already lost ONE bar!! When I arrive to work, I'll text friends (about 30-50 text mssgs) at which point lunch time rolls around. I usually spend my entire lunch period (1 hour) talking with friends. By the time lunch ends my phone is already ALERTING me that I need to charge the DAMN phone. Pretty sad. . . even for a "smart" phone!! For further reference and testimonials regarding this specific issue, please refer to this site:

All in all I think I'll be changing my phone to the Storm before my 30 days are up.
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