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Default More complete info for this thread

All please note - the reason you're not getting connected is probably:

1. You need to have the software loaded on the Blackberry Desktop for the device you are trying to recover with the red light. Go to your carrier and download the device specific build before doing this. If you try to connect without the current software for the device loaded, it will connect but do nothing.

2. When the device gets plugged in, and it starts connecting / dropping / reconnecting on the USB connection, catch it when the screen switches to USB PIN UNKNOWN, highlight and press OK. Then assuming you have the newer app loader, select update software. It will go through the checks then and reload whatever isn't right.

3. Remember, your data is dead at this point. You can't do a backup / reload, because there is no OS to backup with. You can reload the OS, but then its like a wiped device.

- Did this on an 8100 Pearl just a few hours ago. Tried to save the data, but couldn't find a way. But the device was unbricked...
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