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OK I'm no expert, but could you verify if it's only with your phone and not any other blackberries? Can you change maybe your email accounts to see if it's REALLY BIS? Do you have a friend with a blackberry with whom you could test it out? I'd try to either verify if it's the BIS, Email accounts or phone.
Originally Posted by jjd228 View Post
I need to somehow figure out if the problem is the Storm, the OS, VZW, RIM...

I Have 4 BIS addresses setup: 1 Hotmail and 2 AOL. Email delivery to the device is RIDICULOUSLY inconsistent.

If I send an email from a PC to all 4 addresses, the message will show up on the Storm MAYBE at 2 of the addresses. Sometimes only 1. Sometimes none.

Reboots, re-sending service books, rarely helps (and even if it did help, who the hell is supposed to live like this?)

It's pathetic when the single MAIN function of a Blackberry is email and even THAT doesn't work consistently.

What also happens a lot is that I'll notice that I haven't received any email at a particular address, but if I check it on a PC there is a ton of mail. Then if I use the BB to send a message to that address I'll suddenly get flooded with all the old mail as if it was all "stuck" and the message I just sent forced them to go out.

Any thoughts or next steps? I obviously can't have half-ass email delivery.
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