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Originally Posted by pastor_rob View Post
Let me get this right ... you are wondering why a "VERIZON" ONLY phone which the 9530 is ... which is being used by you on a T-Mobile server ... is saying you have to activate on Verizon for complete use????

You have two choices ... you will need to activate on Verizon ... or you can enjoy the "Need to Activate" requirement ... while you use it on T-Mobile.

By the way:

I have the same problem ... I want to have all the channels that DirectTV offers ... but I want to use it on my DISH network satellite ... and I want to pay the $19.95 special price that DISH is offering to DISH subscribers ... while getting all the benefits of DirectTV including the NFL Sunday Ticket from DirectTV. Can anyone help me???

Thanks in advance!!!

The phone is cdma,gsm....which means it is not VERIZON only if it is unlocked. I use this device on tmobile and do not have this issue, does your browser and all that work? Mine works 100% if yours doesnt I know a link to help you out, if everything is working fine go on and go to blackberry email set up and put in your pin and imei, should work. Oh and it could be referring to bes, go to advanced options then enterprise activation and make sure all the fields are blank, could be trying to connect to bes, just a thought.

Why are you being so hard on the guy for asking a question? you verizon people are all the same, just cause you got "the network" you guys think your all that....drives me insane. Oh and btw, I used the phone on verizon then cancelled. Their so called 3g is embarrassing because even when my tmobile is on GPRS and not EDGE, the browser works just as fast. hahaha
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