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Default Page down, clicking small buttons, and backlight questions

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I recently got a 9530 Storm. I mostly love it - I'm coming from an 8830, have had little trouble adjusting, and have had no real problems with it. But (and there's always a "but", isn't there?) I have a few questions/issues that I was wondering if anyone else had seen and perhaps resolved.

In the browser, is there any way to page down without opening the keyboard? Is there any way to use the scroll bar on the right (as Opera Mini does), or is it merely cosmetic? If not, is there any way to assign the space bar to a convenience key?

Also in the browser, when there is a very small linked object (for example the small "firstnew" icon on this board that jumps to the first unread post in a thread), I can't seem to get it to highlight or click no matter how large I magnify the page. Does the browser just decide the link it too small to matter?

I have been using Opera Mini to read and mod my own vBul board when away from my computer, and I replaced the default tiny "firstnew" button (it was 12x12 pixels) with a bit larger one (25x22 pixels) that I can click. (I can't afford to not be able to click it - it's way too hard to keep track of posts otherwise.) I can't seem to click a few small "+" signs that expand collapsed lists in Opera Mini, though. I suspect it's a related size problem, but I don't have the luxury of replacing Opera's icons; I have to wait for them to update Mini.

Lastly, is there any way to manage the backlight manually? On the 8830, a quick press of the power button cycles the backlight through off, dim, bright, and back to off. There are times I'd like to turn the backlight off before it times itself off, or make it brighter or dimmer than it would choose otherwise.


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