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Exclamation Another Approach

I spilled iced tea on my 8703e an did the following: I pulled the battery immediately. Then I used a wash bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol and flushed the phone. Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is a very powerful desiccant. IT is far more effective than rice because it is right in there in the phone rather than adjacent to it. If you stop and think about the normal automotive protocol of using dry gas to remove water from gasoline, you can see the logic. Dry gas is a solution of methanol. Don't use methanol as it is toxic. But isopropyl alcohol is "user friendly and will not harm the electronics. Ethanol also works well. If you happen o have some grain alcohol (the drinking kind) this will also work. If you do this with either alcohol and want to dry it, do not use heat with the blow dryer. It can start a fire. Flowing air is more than adequate. About a half hour should do the trick. Plenty of ventilation is an absolute necessity to avoid buildup of fumes.

Finally, if you attempt this, you do so at your own risk. I am merely relating a procedure that I found to be useful. I accept no responsibility for anything that happen if you try any of this.

Oh, the 8703e was successfully rescued by this procedure and was in operation the next morning and continued to work perfectly for about 6 months when I finally replaced it with the Storm. Good Luck. Be careful. 73
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