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Here is some more detail from the respective websites (my attempt to prevent you from having to keep clicking that poor mouse):

What is Text 2 Voice?

It's easy to use! 3 simple steps:
-From your 2way, type recipient's 10-digit phone number, a space and your text message.
- Send to [email address]
- Your text message will be converted to a voice message and sent to the recipient's phone number.
If the phone is not answered, the message will go to the recipient's voice mail, if available.
You can record a personal greeting with your own voice to attach in front of every voice message.
You have the option to select either a female or male voice to deliver your Text 2 Voice message.
You will receive a confirmation message on your 2way to notify you the message delivery status.

Price : $.30 per Message (minimum monthly usage $30)
Billing: One time Account Setup fee of only $100 Your credit card will be charged initially.

End the voicemail retrieval blues. We do the hard work and listen to the voice messages for you, as they are received, then transcribe the voice message into text and send it to the screen of your cell phone and your e-mail address. Starting at just $18.95 per month, our Toll-Free Voicemail Service with Operator Transcription is the best replacement to your outdated time-consuming voicemail service.

Every voicemail system will alert you when you receive a new message, but you must call in and retrieve that new voice message through long and complicated touch-tone menus -- but not us! Don't want your callers speaking to a live person through operator messaging, but want the convenience of receiving text messages instead of checking voicemail? Imagine the extra time saved by reading voicemail, instead of listening to it!

Beyond Voicemail
Why simply be "notified" you have new voicemail, when we can send you the actual words of that voicemail? No longer "call in" and waste valuable time fighting with voicemail menus, we will transcribe each new voice message for you into simple text, instantly sent to the screen of your cell phone and e-mail address. Every new voice message left for your personal mailbox will be immediately transcribed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because every voicemail message recorded for your mailbox is sent immediately to an operator for transcription, you will never need to "check voicemail" again.

Unbiased Compatibility
Messages are instantly transcribed into text by an operator within minutes after the caller disconnects. We are compatible with all service providers that support paging and text messaging. Our configuration options meet the needs of individual use or serious business applications with an exciting, long-overdue solution.

Toll-Free Included
Designed for affordability, our service can include an unlimited number of calls without fear of additional fees or expensive per-message charges. When you activate your service, we assign you with a personal toll-free number that rings directly to your mailbox, no PINs or extensions, with no additional charges for the long distance.

Hard of Hearing
If your coworkers and your clients rely on voicemail as an essential means of communication, it can be an obstacle that may undermine your ability to perform your job if you are deaf or hard of hearing. We have designed our voicemail service with operator transcription to be an affordable personal solution, and eliminate the frustration of using the relay services to check voicemail. Since all voicemail systems require constant interactive operation and poor recordings add additional delay to determine the importance of each message, our voicemail transcription deaf messaging is a logical solution and it is fully compatible with call forwarding from your home or office.

DictoMail™ Voicemail to Text Messaging

The web site is too elaborate to cut and paste -- but costs vary from $20 to $60 per month, depending on level of service -- Ian

eFax Plus gives you what you don't get from a fax machine. Instant fax access. When someone sends you a fax, it gets routed to your inbox. No waiting at the fax machine or hassles with old-fashioned fax modems. Sending faxes is just as easy.
Choose a local or toll-free fax number in over 1,300 cities across the world to receive your faxes. (View full pricing details.)
Receive and send faxes directly from your email account.
Forget about additional equipment, phone lines or maintenance.
Take advantage of low fax send rates anywhere in the world.

If you'd like to try eFax with a limited account in a random area code, register for an eFax Free account.