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Originally Posted by jibi
writergal, you have to forgive ace_2005. he's an employee for RIM's competition, Good Technology (developers of GoodLink). he rarely, if ever, has anything constructive to say. i've given him a permanent break from being a part of these forums.

as for service in the United States being disabled, there's a few things to keep in mind (atleast these are my understandings). 1) the United States government will not be affected by the court ruling, should it be ruled against RIM; 2) the United States government access the RIM network for email using the same method that normal users, business and consumer; 3) since there is no differentiation between government and non-government accounts, in terms of network access, there's no real way of RIM shutting down services for non-government accounts without affecting the government accounts; 4) a reasonable amount of time would have to be given to place any sort of mechanism or technology in order to provide a non-interruption of service to said non-affected government accounts.
I had the same thoughts. You BES Admin types would probably know this better than I, but I would think that within the RIMM NOC, they can see the device information, including the send from address. While it may take a while, couldn't they, technically, white-list certain addresses or domains, ie .gov?