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I am experiencing the same issue with being prompted to connect. I think I should be able to set an option to connect on my PC automatically, after all I can set my phone up that way. If any one has any idea how to do that, that would be great.
As for the other issues I dont have alot of help but: Missing Drivers - I experienced the same issue but decided not to worry about the missing driver since I am not missing any functionality that i need(yet). I had some other issues which I posted elsewhere on this forum ( i am not aloud to post a link search "Device Manager - Bluetooth option unavailable" if interested) I hacked around them and got the same error messages about a missing driver. If you look in the windows device manager you will likly see a bluetooth device installed and running correctly and an additional bluetooth device(s) that is not installed correctly. But since your sync is working I would just tell vista the next time it prompts to never prompt again for the drivers. As for being prompted every few minutes, this isn't much help but one possibility could be that your device is loosing connection and then attempting to reestablish the connection. I dont know how likley this is as my Storm connects pretty much anywhere in my house, but the range of your bluetooth radio on your laptop migiht be different.
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