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Originally Posted by Steve66 View Post
I've been reading that, when you have the browser set to "Internet Browser", it's supposed to use your WiFi connection first and only use the cellular data service if there is no WiFi connection.

If "Internet Browser" is supposed to automatically use WiFi when available, then it should have reported the same IP as when I used "Hotspot Browser".
Steve, "Internet Browser" is browser which uses RIM infrastructure to download web pages. It can connect to RIM using cellular data link or it can connect to RIM using WiFi.
In any case, it will connect to RIM.

If you want to bypass RIM servers, you must use Hotspot browser. It will connect directly to the Internet.

Is there any way to get the BlackBerry to use an actively connected WiFi link first, and only use the data plan connection if there is no WiFi?
It does. The right question for you is "how to make blackberry use Hotspot browser to access Intranet?"

You have two options: you can make Hotspot browser default browser. The drawback is when WiFi is not available, browsing won't work.

Another option is to bookmark your intranet site(s) in blackberry. You can then edit bookmark to make blackberry use Hotspot browser for it.

By doing that you'll have general purpose browsing going through Internet Browser which will work as long as you have either carrier data or WiFi connectivity. When you open bookmark for Intranet site device will use Hotspot browser and connect through WiFi to your intranet - if you have WiFi connection and you are on intranet wifi.
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