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Originally Posted by adobrakic View Post
Is this possible?

I want to push e-mails to my phone via texts.
and extra $20/month is too expensive for me.
Yes, absolutely!!!

you have unlimited messaging? . . . then forward your gmail messages to your device by using the your phone's email address which is (your mobile #)

Login to GMail account
Click on button for Forward a copy of incoming mail to
fill-in Field with (your mobile #)
and Keep copies in your Gmail inbox.

Of course, you'll only get plain text messages and might lose some of the contents in the process due to SMS/MMS limitations. . . . otherwise, there's TMO's $10.month BB email service.

One other thing, your BB device must have the necessary Service Book configuration for SMS/MMS.

. . be warned, if you do not have unlimited messaging plan, you may end up paying more for messages received.

Originally Posted by playtoy View Post
Nope, you need a data package or a personal email package atleast.
Not true, especially with TMO.

Originally Posted by Dubdub View Post
Need a BB data plan (or the TMO BB email plan) for BB push email.
True statement, but does not address OP's specific concern.

Originally Posted by pshift View Post
We all want something for nothing, don't we ...
Of course . . . Why not?!?!?

Originally Posted by wasillaguy View Post
You could setup a personal mail server at home, I used Sendmail but Postfix is good too. Have it pop your gmail account every two or three mins or whatever you're comfortable w/. When it receives mail, (I'd advise through the use of a filter only) have it send your filtered messages as a forwarded email to your txt number @ phone address.

Even better, you could build a perl script to hand deliver the filtered message to a different address so it isn't forwarded but just redelivered to your sms box.

Or, drop the number of minutes on your plan to a $20 dollar less expensive minute plan (if it's available) and add in the data plan, then do everything you can through various data options, email, goog talk, etc.

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