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Default Agendus (and other Task/PIM apps) for Storm

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Well, after researching 12 different Task/PIM apps and actually trying 3 of them, Agendus is the best of the lot.

I'll outline my perceptions of Agendus below based on about an hour of use - but please keep in mind I'm still looking at Pocket Informant (not due for general release until end Jan/early Feb), Pocket Lists (part of Pocket Day - and Pocket Day is supposed to be general release early the week of Jan 19 or so I've heard), and e-Mobile Today (supposed to be in general release now).

Also, so far I've focussed on the Tasks primarily, plus a bit of the Contact & Calendar functionality - message handling I've spent no time on so while my impression is that's not something Agendus does except for the ability to show Recent Messages in the Today view, I may be wrong. I should also mention I'm a long time Palm user, and loved their To-Do app.

After the Agendus info I'll list my impressions of the other Task/PIM apps I've looked at.

Agendus :

Of the 12 I've looked at, Agendus is in the top 4, and I'm actually using it now. Overall I could see this being the single app I "live in" the most once all the bugs are ironed out of the Storm version, and I can see that making me very, very happy with my Storm. I still need to spend more time on it and bugs definitely need to be worked out, but I could become a very happy Agendus user.

My impressions at a high level so far :

1) Not 100% Storm ready, but very close. You get portrait & landscape mode, flicking, etc. but there are some bugs I've noticed as described later.

2) Very flexible and very easy to navigate.

3) To make the current version work you need to disable Compatibility Mode via System > Options > Advanced Options > hilight Agendus WITHOUT clicking on it > BB key > Disable Compatibility Mode. A battery pull might not hurt.

4) The Tasks view is the best I've seen so far, and Tasks were my major issue. You can select to not show completed, you can select to filter by due date (Past Due, Today, Next 7 Days, etc.). It displays the Due Date, the Priority (from Outlook), and the first part of the Description, all on one line - very clean and useful. The stroke of genius is that you can also map Categories to colours - so without taking up additional screen real estate you see the Category for each Task as well. To me this was brilliant, and I haven't seen anyone else do it.

5) The other views are great. I haven't spent much time with them as I was focussed on Tasks, but in the little time I've spent I've come to really like them - multiple date views, multiple Contact views etc. Very accessible, information well laid out, and it's really nice to have them so easy to get at - Berry key, click on the one you want and it's done. I installed the Professional version and that allows me to actually work with the data shown as well as view it (ex - Contacts view - click on a Contact, hit the Phone button and you're calling them).

6) Multiple options for each View (ex - Week view to show/not show Tasks, etc.) as well as the app itself overall. So quite flexible, and the options they have are pretty well thought out.

7) Current bugs and "wish list" items :
- Categories for Tasks don't seem to be coming across from Outlook when I sync. They don't seem to be visible in the BB Task app either so I have to do a bit of testing to see if it's just Agendus or if there's an overall sync issue.
- Hilighting a Contact and hitting the Phone button doesn't always bring up all the phone numbers for that Contact so you can select from them - when I treid this last night with a Contact who has Work, home and Mobile numbers, the Mobile number didn't come up until I clicked on the Mobile number within the Contact.
- The Task you select disappears, like the test switches to white on the white background. So it's still there, but invisible. This is a little unnerving when you flick through a long list - every time your thumb touches down another Task disappears, only to reappear when you touch the next one or another area on the screen. Touching part of the header ensures all Tasks are visible so this isn't fatal, but it should be fixed.
- Assigning colours to Categories is tricky as the UI needs to be tweaked. Very hard to see which Category you're selecting.
- Would love to have an option to sort by Category within Due Date
- Today view shows a maximum of 7 items. Would prefer to have it show all items for Today. Combine it with the options already there for this view and the way it's laid out it would be my favourite view.
- Add the Filter by Date capabilities of the Task view to the Agenda view and the Agenda view would become much more powerful.
- Would like to have a Task View Date Filter that showed all Tasks "Today and Past Due". Right now these are 2 separate views. THis is pretty minor, but would definitely be nice-to-have.

Anyway, that's what I have so far. Even the additional time I've spent writing this has shown me additional capabilities of Agendus I hadn't known existed. I like this app - it's powerful, flexible and really easy to use. Having said that, it needs to be Stormed, and could still be improved. But the only fatal issue right now is the sync issue with Categories I mentioned, and even that I would work around if I had to. I don't have any info on when the Storm version will hit general release.

Other Task/PIM apps I've looked at :

- BB Task Pro - Installed it, very weak, not much beyond BB Task list
- TaskMaster - Installed it, very weak, not much beyond BB Task list
- Got-2 - Still beta; Won't be looking at this
- PocketDay/Pocket Lists - Pocket Lists looks good for task management and is supposed to be out for general release week of Jan 19; Depending on how things go with Agendus I am likely to investigate this one further
- Pocket Informant - Looks very good, gets great reviews, but won't be out for general release until end Jan/early Feb; May investigate this one further as well
- Rememberthemilk - a desktop app that just syncs to the BB Task list so not what I want
- Todomatrix - gets rave reviews but stores all data on a wireless server so not what I want
- Datebk - there's a rumour this is coming to BB but their web site shows nothing official, and is very Palm oriented; I won't be investigating further
- Agenda One - there's a rumour this is coming to BB but their web site shows them as very MSoft oriented; Will not be investigating this one further
- Maratick - free app developed by an individual BB user, so not what I want
- e-Mobile Today - Looks very good and supposed to be in general release now but info very slim; I may investigate this one further
- PlanPlus (Franklin Covey) - looks very powerful but not sure if there's a Storm version; Given their focus on a special task management philosophy and the info is so slim I'll hold this in my back pocket in case nothing else works out

Comments from others welcomed. Will try to add updates to this thread as I go. Hope this is of value for others.

- R.
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