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Exclamation Web Development on BB

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Dear All,

I have website called which is basically Video Streaming web site for News and Information in Indonesian language hosted at our own server in Indonesia..

With the popularity of BB, I am planning to have the web service available on BB. Hoever, I have NOT done anything with Blackberry so far.

I have seen applications on BB such as the Associated Press on Blackberry applications. I would like to built such applications with less feature. Basically have all of the menu-ing on the device and once in a while sent my rss feed of latest updated news to members that have registered on the service.

I have sent email to Blackberry, but so far have not received any response.

Can anyone on this FORUM help me point to the right directions ?


- Technical Department
- Applications for Blackberry

First of all we would like to thank you very much for your interest in reading this email.
With this email, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

SDM is fully responsible for the following Video-On-Demand web sites under the supervision of KOMPAS.COM :

* (Indonesian General News & Information on Audio & Video)
* (Indonesian General Entertainment & Infotainment on Audio & Video)
* VIDEOKU.TV :: On Line Indonesian Social Networking, News, Information & Infotainment on Video Streaming (Sandika Digital Media) (Indonesian Community & User Submitted files Audio & Video)

SDM produces :

* 40-50 new video clips for, (On general News and Information)
* 25-30 new video clips for Seleb.TV. (On Indonesian Celebrities and gossip))

We also have have 15 Video Stringer who usually sent us 10-15 videos (Citizen Journalism) everyday.

* All of the video clips are 2 minutes to 3 minutes maximum, formatted in FLV video format, with Indonesian Text as well as dubbing in Indonesian language.
* Finished Video Clips, are dubbing with voice over are in Indonesian language
* We still retain the NATURAL Sound video clips
* Finished Video clips are encoded in FLash Video format (FLV) at 96kbps, 156kbps 256kbps
* We can encode into different format if needed.

Exisiting Facts :

1. We are news & publishing company, as well as the CONTENT Owner / Provider who develop and manage our own web-site
2. All of our contents for each web-site, are rank top 25 in Indonesia. Then again this comparison are against traditional web site that employ text only and pictures.
3. We believe we are the # 1 web site that produce contents only on VIDEO STREAMING in Indonesia, and therefore we think that this contents would have markets in Blackberry users.
4. We are planning to have most of our contents from each site to be available on BlackBerry Devices.
5. We are planning to built 3 applications on Blackberry such as : Seleb Infotainment, Kompas News, Kompas Entertainment
6. We developed the Web Applications in 2008. Basically all of the design on the existing web site are quite simple, that is why we plan to have all 3 web-sites on BB.
7. We already use RSS to send latest contents to other media
8. We have develop applications for other Mobile such as Nokia, Apple I-POD
9. Having said that, basically the aps on mobile are the mini version of the web-site that we have, because people needs to connect to internet and point the browser to our mobile sub-domain.
10. --
11. NOW, with the appointment of BB distributors in Indonesia just for that last 6 months, already shows significant penetration. Other mobile hand-set device already re-arrange and some are cancelling their launching of the new device because of the Black Berry device.
12. At the moment, BB in Indonesia is mainly used chatting between BB and Facebook only.
13. There are limited aps for Indonesian contents, and most of the contents are like pointing the browser to a specific web page for mobile
14. Viewing contents which are coming out of Indonesia, would create problems, as the Telco Operators sometimes do not have good intenational connections.
15. Having said that, means that applications that I want to built has to be hosted on Indonesian local loop IP, so that the subscribers can connect to the local internaet access and enjoy our video contents.
16. My main goals are for Indonesian viewers only, as the BB device would be a killer device in Indonesia.
17. As all my contents are about videos along with text, I want the apps to be able to play our video (I can do any video format if needed)
18. --
19. I have been in contact with one of your developer such as, but it seems that we can not afford the cost of the apps development


Our Questions :

1. In regards with being able to view all of our contents from BB ===
2. I am planning to built BB aps such as the one used by Associated Press, in which most of the menus are already stores on the BB device, so that the device only needs to get the contents itself, and NOT the whole menu
3. How would the programming on Nokia/Apple be different with what we are planning to built for the BB
4. Is the applications that I am planning to build has to be hosted on the RIM server, or it can be hosted at the same server for our WEB, DBASE, File Server etc ?
5. What are needed on my server side to cater such applications that I am planning to built ?
6. What is the BlackBerry® Mobile Data System ?
1. What is the requirements of OS for the BlackBerry® Mobile Data System Server ?
2. Does the following software included in the Mobile Data System ? BlackBerry MDS Services, BlackBerry MDS Developer Tools, BlackBerry MDS Device Software
3. Do we need all of the 3 products to develop applications so that it can achieve what we wanted to ?
4. Where can we get these applications, and how much would it cost us ?

I thank you very much for your time and patience in guiding me to select applications software that would enable me to develop applications on Blackberry device.


Priandhi Satria

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