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Originally Posted by test54 View Post
well ok, accepted ideas. i guess I meant the big three described here. I do think evolution science should be taught as just that, it has evidence to back it up so teach about the evidence and the theory that fills in the gaps. The other two should be taught as alternatives. Thats what I mean by teach all ideas. Exposing people to all viewpoints and ideas generally pays off in my opinion.

so were you talking of a scientologist creation story? if so then no it should not be taught.
But test, how are they to be taught? As valid science? Does creationism have valid science backing it up? If so, sure, teach it. But to this day, no one has tested any hypothesis about intelligent design or creationism successfully. So tell me how and why it should be taught in the science classroom. Shouldn't these ideas (they are not theories) be taught in humanities classes?
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