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Here are some more findings from a couple of hours detailed review today. Basically I went beyond the Task view for the first time. Please note that I am a user and new to Agendus & BB so some of my comments may be incorrect or there may be a method or fix I'm unaware of.

Overall I think Agendus has a ton of potential, but needs to be properly Stormed. It's clunky to use, and has many inconsistencies and flaky bits. However, it may not be possible to take full advantage of what a touch screen should do, as I get the feeling now that the Storm simply has touch screen capabilities layered on top of a keyboard-oriented OS. If that's the case, no app (Agendus included) should take all the heat until the BB OS is rewritten to properly use a touch screen. Having said that, at some point I think Agendus needs a complete rewrite to truly "fit" the Storm - and that may be what's happening now. Only iambic can say.

Here's what I found :

- Very easy to work with after a Sync; If app is already open, you just hit Escape and go back in again
- I think this is true for BB OS in general, but selecting a date is painful as the position of Day-of-Week, Month and Date fields keeps moving xxx8211; you canxxx8217;t keep swiping in the same place; It would also be nice if there were selections available like Today, Tomorrow, 1 Week Later, etc to select quickly without swiping; Would be even better if there was also a popup calendar to just click on the desired date; Maybe Agendus can do their own thing here?
- Click on Escape key to scroll through the views youxxx8217;ve used in the current Agendus session xxx8211; very nice once you develop a routine with the product (I think this is the back key issue Keepiru refers to negatively - I am new to both Agendus and BB so my liking for this may be completely off base)
- Donxxx8217;t know if this is Agendusxxx8217; fault, but had lots of lags, points where my selections were ignored, etc. xxx8211; particularly when selecting a date; Flailing about to get past this has cost me a few entries where created everything else then I must have hit a Delete key by accident when trying to change the Date xxx8211; very frustrating
- Overall way too clunky in adding/changing; To enter something new you have to click Berry > New > Select what it is, then if you want to change an element (ex- Date) you hit Berry > Edit Schedule, then make the changes, then click Berry > Ok to okay the change to that element, then once youxxx8217;ve changed all the individual elements you click Berry > ok to save the new thing (Appointment etc.) youxxx8217;ve created; Combine this with the lags, selection flakiness, etc. and itxxx8217;s not easy or fast to use
- I like the option to show/not show tasks on each View
- I like the concept of the Pro version that you can directly edit whatever you see xxx8211; but accessing that isnxxx8217;t implemented consistently xxx8211; too much Berry > Edit xxx8230; action required

- Adding Task not intuitive; For instance to select a Category you donxxx8217;t click on the Category text or field xxx8211; you use BB > Select Category, select, then click BB >Save Changes; Not just non-intuitive but very clunky and far too many steps
- Adding Contact to Task essentially not practical; As for Category you click BB > Select Contact, but then you have to scroll through all of your Contacts to select the one you want; There is not auto-reduction or lookup I could see

Today View
- Click on the date shown at the top and you get a list view of all appointments for the week xxx8211; click again and the list collapses; Very nice!
- Same thing for Tasks, except you only see a maximum of 7 xxx8211; that needs to be unlimited

One Day View
- Each Appointment is in its own column, which means if multiple Appointments overlap the icons on the screen get smaller and you see less of the text for each one so you have no idea what it is xxx8211; it would be nice if there was a popup of the full description when you touched the icon for the Appointment
- As it is for Tasks, Adding an Appointment is not intuitive and is very clunky; When the screen for the new Appointment appears, you canxxx8217;t click on When xxx8211; you have to click Berry > Edit Schedule and go through the painful BB change date/time routine; The bar that appears to show when the Appointment will take place seems to be in 24 hr clock mode, and I donxxx8217;t know where to change that
- Adding a Contact to an Appointment is challenging and impractical; You donxxx8217;t click on the field, you select it then click BB > Select Contact and have to do the painful scrolling that makes this function useless; If you type in a bit of text then hit BB > Select Contact it asks if you wish to add a new Contact xxx8211; this could be ok, but would be best if you could combine that xxx8211; enter a bit of text and have it ask if you want to add a new Contact, and if you say no, it uses that to start the lookup process in existing Contacts
Agenda View
- Click on date at top of screen and it shows you the Appointments for the day xxx8211; very nice
- To change the date youxxx8217;re viewing, click Berry > Go to Date - need a way to do that directly from the View

Week View Grid
- I like the ability to scroll within each date to see all of the Appointments for that date
- Clicking on the week shown at the top of the screen does nothing even though there is an arrow indicating a drop down selection should be available
- To change date you need to click Berry > Go To Date then select the date xxx8211; the drop down at the top of the screen should let you do that, or you should be able to simply scroll through the weeks if you wish
- When changing the date, if you select Choose Date it displays the current selection and you have to click on that to go to the screen to change the date xxx8211; that is an unnecessary step

Week View List
- Nice view xxx8211; would spend a lot of time here
- See date related issues in Week View Grid

Month View
- I like the concept of having a calendar that lists all the Appointments for a given date below it, but it only displays the Appointments for the current day no matter what date you click on; Should display for the date you have your finger hovering on and when you remove your finger go back to displaying for the last date you clicked on
- To change the date the Appointments list for you have to click Berry > Go to Date > Cloose Date > current date displayed, then change the date, and click Berry > ok xxx8211; way too clunky (7 clicks plus the hassle of BB date changing? Yuck!)

Contact View Expanded
- Doesnxxx8217;t offer any auto reduction or lookup to find the Contact youxxx8217;re looking for, beyond a basic Filter by Alphabet allowing you to select All, ABD, DEF, etc. xxx8211; then you have to scroll through all of them to find the one you want
- The Filter by Alphabet works very oddly; It groups by first name (ie xxx8211; Gus Butow appears in the group GHI), but then it sorts by last name within that group; Needs consistency
- I like the data displayed xxx8211; this would be my preferred Contact view

Contact View Compact
- The line height seems to be greater than required so there is a lot of white spece between each line xxx8211; you could get way more data on each screen by shrinking the spacing between each one
- If you click on a Contact you just see more info xxx8211; to edit, you have to then click Berry > Edit Contact; You should just click on the Contact to go directly to the screen to view or edit
- See Contact View Expanded for other comments

- R.
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