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Default Application Development

Originally Posted by dels View Post
"senang bisa ngobrol sesama org indonesia disini"
2. have to create Java app and directly embed web browser into the app or you can create app that run webbrowser everytime user select the menu, btw why didn't you use the main menu from your web application?
WOW, thank you very much....

have you seen the Associated Press for Blackberry ?
it seem that the whole menuing are IN THE Blackberry itself, and when you activate the apps, it connects to the server and retrieve the DATA ONLY.

Seem it is faster this way, rather than browsing to a mobile site, and still download all of the HTML, etc....
3. it's depend on your programming language... RIM support only Java development for creating such application while Symbian platform offer programming on Java (Midlet), Symbian C++, Python (PyS60), etc
if what you mean was web application, RIM webbrowser was so awfull, many Javascript code would not run and CSS is only at level 1.x except for new breed device such as Storm
4. if it was web application you can deploy it on your own (company) server, if it an application then it have to install on devices
5. most likely what you already have for your web application (website now), such as database (mysql/mssql/oracle), programming language (php/asp/jsp) and server application (iis/apache/tomcat)
3. I do not know about the Browser, but Asscosiated press makes their own menuing on the BlackBerry.
A questions to you..., does the Associated Press use browser to download the date, or since it is an applications that resides on blackberry, then it does not need any browser at all ?

4. So basially, I think it is a black berry applications, that connect to a server/web server and retrieve the last 10 latest data (by RSS feeds is possible) and display it within their applications.

5. Yes, we have all of the apps that you mention...

6. it was one of the RIM BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) component for accessing data from another server
6. So, Do we need to have one to create a program to be downloaded by Blackberry users ?
If the applications is downloaded, then does it connect directly to the telkom server and our server directly, or does it goes out of the country first ?

We did trace incoming IP from Blackberry browser, and it always showns IP from Out of Indonesia. Why is it so ?

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