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Originally Posted by gopguyca View Post
1) How is that trackball?
Unfortunately, every T-Mobile stand/store I've been to with the 8820 on display is missing the trackball except for on the Curves and I must say, I'm not impressed. The trackball alone makes me already more inclined to the 8820 in hopes the trackball on there might be a bit more useful as on the Curve it's not too responsive. Also, is the 8900 trackball the same as all the other Curves?
It's fine. I mean I use it without any concerns/problems. That doesn't mean that you'll like. I have no idea how similar or different the trackballs are from one model to the next. I'd guess that RIM wouldn't produce entirely different trackballs for each model of BB since there's cost efficiency in commonality of parts.

Originally Posted by gopguyca View Post
2) Am I able to customize the layout?
On my current Blackberry I have everything displayed as a list as opposed to them little icons, I've seen a few demos of the 8820 with that same list but on the left side as opposed to the right... Can someone confirm if I can or can't switch the side of the list as I'm used to viewing it on the Left side of the screen, the same question for the 8900.
Unless you create your own theme you're stuck with whatever the layout is of the theme you're using. The list view you're talking about is just another theme.

Originally Posted by gopguyca View Post
3) The Media Player
- What formats are supported?
- Can I stream? (Specifically from my computer using Orb or some other software I may be unaware of)
- Does the player not go full screen?

From every source I've looked at I cannot seem to get an absolute response of what formats are supported, most particuarly WMV, DIVX/Xvid, AVI, etc... Can the 8820 play these files, if not which ones can it, and can it stream those that can be played? Same question for mp3 files, I know it plays mp3s but can it stream mp3s as well? I've seen online that the 8900 Curve supports the formats listed above and if anyone knows if it can stream those as well it would be much appreciated.
I'm pretty sure there are threads addressing this and to provide you a link I'd have to search just as you would. Make sure you're looking into supported CODEC's as well as formats. Formats such as avi are just wrappers and not all CODEC's that a wrapper format can contain are necessarily supported. I don't use my BB's media features except for MP3 playback so I can't really help much off the top of my head.

Originally Posted by gopguyca View Post
4) What all changes am I looking at from the 8700 to 8820 (or even 8900 Curve)?
The only real benefit I'm seeing is the ability to possibly stream music/video files (Once confirmed) and I guess play videos (Though considering the size of the screen and inabiltiy to go full screen, as I assume right now, this is seeming less and less important).
Full lists of specs and features are available at No need to reinvent the wheel here.

Originally Posted by gopguyca View Post
5) HTML?
I believe I've read that the 8820 does not support HTML email, can anyone confirm or deny the 8900 having such an ability? Also, the browser... How is the browser on the 8820 as again I wasn't able to access it in the store and from what I'm seeing in the demo it looks to be exactly the same thing which I guess is what Opera Mini was made for. Can anyone comment on the 8900 and if there is any difference?
HTML should be supported in 4.5 for any device that supports 4.5 IIRC. As for the browser you'll definitely need first hand experience determining your preference. I have no use for Opera Mini. That said, YMMV. Try it out yourself.

Originally Posted by gopguyca View Post
6) GPS
On the Blackberry site it doesn't list Blackberry Maps as being a feature on the 8820 though it is listed on T-Mobiles site, I'm getting conflicting information... Can anyone confirm whether or not this phone has GPS and the usefullness of it? My friend has a Helio and his GPS is realtime and very useful, am I to expect the same thing from the 8900 and 8820 as if so, that too is a useful feature.
The usefulness of any feature is a subjective matter and GPS is no different. I find GPS on my 8310 extremely useful and I mostly use Telenav with it. YMMV as others don't consider GPS on a BB to be useful at all. If you're looking at specs "Blackberry Maps" is not GPS -- it's a GPS app. The BB website does indicate that the 8820 has a GPS receiver.

Originally Posted by gopguyca View Post
7) Screen size?
I'm reading that the resolution is better on the 8820 and 8900 than what I currently have but also it appears that the screen is much smaller... Does anyone have those specs so I know what the difference is as I can't find that either anywhere. And really, why the smaller screen size period? =/
AFAIK there's really no difference in screen size and resolution when comparing the 8700 and 8820. Not sure about the 8900.

Originally Posted by gopguyca View Post
Right now I'm really having a difficult time between deciding if I want the 8820 or the 8900 and beyond that, I'm having trouble determining if I even want to upgrade as from what I've used so far, I really dislike that trackball and the smaller screen sizes and even the slimmer look, I can't help but feel RIM sold out the entire product line to appease the masses, I still don't understand what the "Curve" is suppose to be, reminds me of Curves if anything. I just can't see paying the same price as I would for the 8820 for the several year old phone I have now and have been looking forward to a GPS and media streaming if such streaming capabilities exist (Hopefully at full screen).
The Curve is a full qwerty BB with camera (prior to the Curve you had to get a Pearl to have a camera on a BB). It's a consumer-oriented device.

As for deciding -- you'll have to weigh the pros and cons for yourself. A lot of subjective decisions need to be made on your part. I highly recommend finding a store with working displays. Keyboard preference usually strongly motivates an individual to one model over the other.

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