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macdonald303 - i meant to say what time the other person sent the email to you, not what time it was received on the BB - should have made that clearer

stonent - i deal a lot with contracts which are typically small rtf text files (in the neighborhood of 15-100KB). i'm just saying it would be really convenient if I had an easy way to send these from the BB....i'm not trying to imply it's completely feasible with the technology, more of just a wishlist thing. Also, as the network speeds increase, it won't be out of the question to send mp3s (i'm in the music biz) or other large files. what would be great (maybe possible with the treo..don't know much about it) would be to have an expansion card slot with the relevant contracts and mp3s, and be able to attach them and email them as needed.

BadBoyBill - i've got a 7230...when you say the treo doesn't do email nearly as well, what in particular is it lacking or makes it < the BB?...trying to learn here

in general, i'm very happy with the BB...there are things i wish it did a little better (like the things i listed)...just trying to plot my next phone which will be due in March...looks like it will be a tough choice between the treo 700 and BB 8700...both look pretty cool.