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I've had a BlackBerry for the last three years. I can't seem to function without it. My company recently declared bankruptcy, so our last day is coming soon. I knew that I wanted to continue to stay connected to email (for personal reasons as well as the job search) so I went out and purchased the BB Bold.

My main concern was getting my e-mail instantly (I was spoiled by our BES) and keeping my contacts and calendar wirelessly synced. I do some work on the side, and I need my email immediately. I read a ton of reviews in this forum and others on what would give me the best service for the cheapest price. Obviously, the hosted BES was an option. But at $45 for ATT BES data plan and $20 for a hosted BES, it seemed cost prohibitive.

I tested g-mail, through both BIS and through the G-Mail application. While it seemed to work, there was a noticeable delay...sometime of up to 20 mins. Now I know this doesn't seem like much, but since I've been in the corporate environment for so long, this was unacceptable to me. On top of that, there wasn't a way to sync my Calendar and Contacts without connecting to my computer. I've read that you can sync your calendar on both Yahoo Plus and G-mail, but I never got that far.

While browsing through the forum, I came upon ThinkPost. I gave the number a call and five minutes later, Vincent called me back. He was very patient, and listened to all of my concerns. We discussed the pro's and con's of each option (BES, GMAIL, THINKPOST, ETC...) and he was honest about each. He never tried to sell his service as the end all be all of what I needed. However, after speaking with him, I did realize that ThinkPost would get me as close to what I was used to for much less then the cost of a hosted BES.

So I took the plunge and shelled out a whole $4. Vincent has been wonderful. I've nerver had this level of customer service. He walked me through the install, even though there are written directions. He answers my emails 24/7. He's answered every question I've had about POP3 vs IMAP accounts and how to create pst files through outlook. He's been great.

And the software has performed wonderfully. It does an excellent job and gets me what I need. My email is sent to me instantly...which was my main concern, and my contacts, tasks and calendars are all taken care of. Odds are, I'll soon have a job that will give me another blackberry and I'll be back on the BES, but until then, I think that ThinkPost wil suit my needs wonderfully. And I can't say enough about the customer service.

Hope this helps you guys. Good luck!!!
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