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Just tried the PocketDay Storm Beta. My primary focus was on Tasks.

Overall impression is that this could be quite powerful but is very far from Storm ready. I'd read elsewhere that PocketDay was already released for the Storm but I think that was inaccurate. They did say yesterday that PocketLists is supposed to be released for the Storm next week so please take my comments with a grain of salt - who knows what could be fixed then.

Currently, the front page gives you access to everything from one page, and is clearly laid out. There is also lots of flexibility on how the screen is laid out (content as well as graphics). This could be very powerful.

Lots of control over Tasks as well, including some multi-level sorts. Unfortunately I need Due Date/Category/Priority and they don't have it. The closest is Due Date/Priority/Subject, and there are only 3 levels of Priority (as for Outlook). Colour coding is also only by Priority and Past Due - not by Category. And you can only select from about half the colour palette for some reason - if you flick just right you can scroll down to the lower half but not select from it. Welcome to beta-land I guess. One of the colours is black - and when you start the trial one of the Priorities is set to black background with black text. Don't be alarmed, just go into the settings and change the colour (Change the task priority colors in PocketDay settings / colors. Highlight a task, press menu then task sort options to see the sorting choices). One unique feature I really like is the way that all the content of the Description is displayed - the other Task apps I tried only show a portion of the first line.

For me, in spite of being really clunky to use, so far Agendus wins for its Category management - the ability to sort by Category within Due Date, plus colour code by Category. That's because I use Categories to schedule my day, which may not apply for you. Having said that, I haven't tried Pocket Informant, and PocketLists may have everything I want next week.

PocketDay does have a trial.

- R.
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