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Originally Posted by Dragondima View Post
Ok, so i apologize but this is my complaint/question. My girlfriend bought me a iPod Touch for my birthday. I used it for about two weeks and returned it because i was getting ready to buy the Bold. I had a 8120, and had the itouch, which made sense because the iTouch was basically the iPhone without the phone. I love Blackberry's so very much, but to be able to utilize their full potential you have to BUY apps! This is where my struggle comes in. Ok, yes for a lot of apps on the itouch/iPhone you have to pay $.99 or $1.99, but compared to Blackberry that's dirt cheap. A lot of the applications are free!!!! That's right free!!! Where as the apps that come out for the BB that are free typically suck! This is a huge dilemma in my mind for people considering either Blackberry or iPhone. As a college student i can fairly say that it's uncomfterable and hardly affordable to buy a phone, and then spend an addition $200.00 in apps to take the full potential out of it. Just my complaint, and i'd really like to hear from others about this topic. Please let me know what you think. Am i wrong? Do you agree? Add something?

Thanks all,

my blackberry does absolutely everything i want it to do, and i haven't spent one cent on any of the apps i have. i challenge you to find me a practical iphone application that doesn't exist to some extent on the blackberry. also, who's spending $200 on apps?
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