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Originally Posted by XelhaBB View Post
There seems to be a reoccurring theme in most of these posts. I routinely read individuals claiming that Verizon techs are notoriously clueless when it comes to answering questions and giving accurate information.

Having been with Verizon many years now, I can say without hesitation that I have been very satisfied with the quality of customer assistance and phone service. My experience with the other major carriers has been completely unsatisfactory. I do not work for Verizon in any capacity.

I have owned various phones during my Verizon experience. However, it wasn't until I entered the Blackberry world that I began to require assistance in getting the phone to simply perform basic functions. I love my Storm but the unit should not have been released until it could perform all of it capabilities acceptably.

A Verizon representative told me that while Blackberry phones are amazing, it would not be wise to purchase the Storm when it was released. My tech at the VZW store told me the phone OS was flawed and that RIM was releasing a defective product simply because the Christmas craze would result in a mass demand for the new touch screen unit. I was told by my tech that the phone would not make its initial October release and that if it was released before Christmas the OS was have many issues. He has additionally told me that RIM is notorious for telling carriers one thing and then making public statements to the contrary. To date, the tech I have dealt with has given me accurate information. Before the 14 day period expired, a Verizon customer representative encouraged me to return the phone for a Curve. Being that many in this forum have actually done this, I think I got good advice. But I stuck it out with the Storm because I see what the phone might actually be when it operates flawlessly.

Now, the RIM CEO has basically publicly conceded that RIM knew the phone had serious issues and still released flawed units to be sold to customers. They knew that people, myself included, would line up to get the new toy for Christmas.

The bottom line is that RIM is into making a fast buck, just like any other company. It capitalized on the success of its previous models and released a new technology phone that was seriously flawed. IMO, its not that Verizon techs / customer reps are clueless. It's RIM mass producing and flooding the market with a flawed product through a third party carrier and not supporting the carrier with accurate information. So when a representative is forced to hypothesize or wing it, I say the blame falls upon RIM.

With that stated, I still love my Storm and hope RIM makes good by ultimately providing an OS upgrade that allows the Storm to live up to all the hype.
I can completely agree with you my friend. Verizon wireless has by far the best customer assistance. And I've been with t-mobile(the worst) an AT&T(alright). Everytime I've had a problem it gets solved right away. GO verizon =)
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