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Originally Posted by jletendre View Post
I don't think I've paid for any of my Blackberry apps. Almost every major iPhone app is already on Blackberry or will come to the Blackberry. iPhone does not have any exclusive agreements in place. Considering how mobility is rapidly growing why would any developer limit the audience to use their app.

How many apps do you need on a mobile device? My storm has the following and I don't know how many more I would truely use:

Worldmate Live
Nobex Radio Companion
Xberry Live!
Documents to Go Premiem

Most Blackberry apps are very small in nature so you could fit a bunch of apps and only use 100mb space.

A HUGE advantage Blackberry has over iPhone is that you can run multiple applications at once. I usually have Facebook, AOL running and I'm doing email. iPhone it's open this app, close, open another app - opps have to go back and see if I got a email reply. Very cumbersome and a whole lot of swiping. The weeks I dedicated to using the iPhone to test it for Exchange functionality I likely had the strongest fingers. It was like finger olympics!

I will admit Blackberry will never likely have the amount of apps the AppStore has. But I look through it and most is truely throw away fun stuff. I'm not interested in gaming on my Blackberry - I have a xbox360, Wii and DS to meet those needs. And frankly I don't even use my iPhone or Storm for media playback. I still have a free Zune from a Microsoft conference and it's loaded with 30gb of music. I guess in a "I wish I could consolidate all my devices" vision I would use one device for all things but I'm fine with how I utilize the technologies I have already.
I'm sorry, but I had to pick out two of the applications you named because I've used both on the BB Bold and the iphone. Both BB versions of these applications are vastly inferior to what the iphone version does. The BB Facebook App is probably the most useless thing I have ever used. Take a look at the iphone version and you will have to agree.

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