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Default Observations about 9530 OS .99

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The other thread is getting long, and pretty filled with posts about trying to get the download. I'm starting this thread to be about ISSUES/observations with .99. If you're not posting about an issue with this release, feel free to not post in this thread.

I installed .99 last night. I was upgrading from .90. My observations are:

1) as with .90 and, I think, .86, when the upgrade got the point where the new OS was installed and the DM said it was trying to connect to the device, just before it restores stuff to the device from backup, the BB seemed to get stuck and I had to disconnect it from USB, wait a couple of seconds, then reconnect it to get it to proceed. I let it sit for at least 8 minutes (that I timed) before I disconnected/reconnected. This behavior was identical when I upgraded to .90.

2) the font size on the home screen has gone back down to the smaller size that it was in pre-.90 versions of the OS. I really did not like the bigger font on the homescreen in .90, so this change makes me happy.

3) My homescreen image does not work any more. I have a picture of my nieces that my brother took with his Moto RAZR and sent to me via MMS a while back. I have had it as my homescreen image on every version of the Storm OS so far, and it has worked fine. I can view it in Media/Pictures, but when I set it as my homescreen image, my homescreen is just solid black. I have set my homescreen image to other pictures on my phone (pictures which I took with the Storm camera) and they work fine. I have done a battery pull. I have tried moving the image from Device Memory to the SD card. It still doesn't display. I moved it back to Device Memory. Still no workee. On previous OS', it always displayed with black bars above and below, as the picture is in a landscape orientation. I haven't tried (yet) setting to a picture that I took with the Storm that it in that orientation.

4) The vibration on .90 seemed weaker than previous versions. It *seems* like vibration on .99 is back to "full strength".
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