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Default Thinking about 7130, question about SMS

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Hello to all,

Have been closely following the impending launch of the 7130e for Verizon. I started with the 6750 went to a 7750 and now I have a 7250. The smaller form factor of the 71xx series phones intrigues me. I am a bit worried about Suretype, but I played with a 7100 for about an hour at the T-Mobile store and it seemed to recognize most everything of what I typed.

What I forgot to try, and what I have a question on is text messaging. I do a lot text messaging with friends who do not have blackberries - I'm trying to convert everyone. In the meantime, however, being that texts are limited to 160 characters, I tend to use a lot of abbreviations. I think it is a carryover from the old days of tapping texts with a numeric keypad. Like if I want to say

"I"m going to be later than I thought, can we meet for lunch at 12:30?"

I would bang out a quick text that looks like this

"I'm gng 2 b l8r thn I thot, cn we mt 4 lnch @ 12:30?"

This way it is 52 characters instead of 69. I know it's not a big deal, but I tend to abbreviate a lot if I am sending a text so that I can fit more in.

My question is this - Since Suretype tries to make words out of what you type, am I going to have hard time abbreviating like the above when creating a text? I know it is supposed to learn your "unique" words as you repeatedly type them. My concern is that if it learns abbreviations that I use, when I go to type a full e-mail, it will not recognize what I am trying to type.

Does anyone have any insight on this? Can you use abbreviations or is that a major pain in the neck with Suretype? As I say, I like the idea of the different form factor, but the lack of the full qwerty keyboard scares me. Thanks in advance for anyone who would like to share ideas/experiences/opinions.