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Default Curve vs Iphone vs Bold dilemma and what I did.

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Ok so this topic in some form or fashion has been beat like a dead horse but I'm going throw my 2 cents in for the flogging. Here was my dilemma. I have a blackberry curve 8300 with ATT under contract until August 09, and I love my curve. So I am not due for an upgrade for 6 months but all these new phones and features are driving me nutz, but again I still love my curve.

So although the Iphone looks cool and all I am scared to death of it because of the virtual keyboard, and yes I have big fat fingers. So my fiance buys me an ipod touch to passify my need for technology and determine if I can get used to the keyboard. Using 2 thumbs I totally suck at it, but using one hand one finger I can type really fast on it, wow.. I have conquered the typing in a matter of 4 days and never thought that would be possible if you only knew how many hours I would google typing on iphone blah blah blah and how many utube vidoes i watched you would know why I am amazed The itouch is really a neat that means the iphone is really a neat device as well. She bought the itouch from the apple store for 600.00 with the support plan and we took it back, after it taught me to type although it was great and an itouch is like a sports car without an engine. The apps store for the iphone itouch is what makes that piece of equipment really shine. So many of the apps require a connection to work all the time and without it (itouch is wifi only) well you get 1/4 of the experience that the device is intended for. If they made an itouch with a data plan I would be on that like white on rice. But alas they do not.

So back to my dilemma I type in bold iphone curve blah blah again and I visit the Att store etc and after many googles and many trips I decide I am gonna get a bold. The bold seems so much faster than my curve but my curve still works great and does it what I need it to do. Just not as fast or in as my style, and even though everyone that uses them says you get used to them I am not crazy about the icon change from my curve. I already learned something and don't want any down time in learning a device that I use to make $ with. I was going to buy the bold outright so I was not locked into another contract and if something new and great came out in August when my contract ended I would put my bold and cruve on ebay and get the latest and greatest I still hesitated and therefore left the store with nothing. I am glad they are right down the street.

So getting back to the iphone. After playing with the Itouch and deciding that I kicked typing butt on it I was most disappointed with how it handles email but as a multimedia device, internet browser utube watcher, public radio streaming device etc it was great. What I didn't like about the itouch was as perviously stated most of those features were not available unless you were in wifi and that sucked. So I went to the store picked up an iphone as an add a line option and here is what I can tell you.

I still have my trusty curve for emal and business apps (it simply can not be beat at this time) go go blackberry. I did not make the change to the bold (there is no 3g in my area for another 5 or 6 months) and by that time mabye ATT with either have the Javelin on 3g or they will have a bold 90XX version that has more app memory or something etc.. This hopefully will be right around the time my curve is out of contract. The new iphone is supposed to come out in July but you know what what i wanted it for it does all it needs to do. So I bought a 3g iphone 16gb and its loaded with apps music movies etc and still have a boatload of space free. It cost 9.99 to add the line and 30.00 for the additional data plan. so I picked up an extra 40.00 a month and if I don't buy 1 video game or skip 1 movies and dinner per month I have nullified the additional entertainment costs. If and when I decide I dont want it any more I pay a 175.00 termination fee for a total of 474.00 so thats 136.00 cheaper than if I would have bought the bold outright and if and when I cancel I still have a device that has all the capabilites of the apple itouch. Not the solution for everyone but was the best solution for me and I could not be happier. So in closing

Blackberry is aweome business tool there is no better. Period.
Iphone average phone, not so great email, best all around media experience in your pocket to date.
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