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All done by George W. Bush.

James Leon Adams (1965 selling firearms to out of state residents and falsifying firearms records)[3]
Kristan Diane Bullock Akins (1990 Embezzlement by a bank employee)[4]
Charles James Allen (1979 conspiracy to defraud the United States. A former federal employee, Allen was convicted for approving payments to James Hilles Associates Inc., a Virginia firm, for office supplies that were never delivered. In return, Allen received car parts, a radio, a freezer and other gifts from the firm. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
William Thomas Alvis III (Possession of an unregistered firearm, distribution of cocaine)[5]
John Allen Aregood a/k/a Johnny (Sonny) Aregood (Conspiracy to harbor and transport illegal aliens)[5]
Tony Dale Ashworth (1989 unlawful transfer of a firearm)[3]
Alan Dale Austin (1987 misapplication of mortgage funds)[6]
William L. Baker (1980 falsifying records)[7]
William Sidney Baldwin Sr. (1981 conspiracy to possess marijuana. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
Timothy Evans Barfield (1989 aiding and abetting false statements on a Small Business Administration loan application. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
Bruce Louis Bartos (1987 transportation of a machine gun in foreign commerce)[8]
George Francis Bauckham (1958 unlawful detention or delay of the mail by a postal employee)[7]
David Thomas Billmyer (1978 military conviction for making a false claim)[9]
Eric Charles Blanke (Making impressions of obligations of the United States)[5]
James Allen (Albert) Bodendieck, Sr. (1959 interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle)[10]
Clyde Philip Boudreaux (1975 military conviction for borrowing money from enlisted men, accepting a noninterest-bearing loan from a government contractor and signing and swearing to a false affidavit. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
Gene Armand Bridger (1963 Conspiracy to commit mail fraud, and mail fraud)[11]
Marie Georgette Ginette Briere (1982 possession of cocaine with intent to distribute)
Kenneth Charles Britt (1998 conspiracy to violate fish and wildlife laws)[7]
Jeffrey James Bruce (1994 possession of stolen mail)[10]
Charles Wayne Bryant (1962 theft of U.S. mail matter by employee)[10]
William Bruce Butt (1990 bank embezzlement)[7]
Mariano Garza Caballero (1984 dealing in firearms without a license)[7]
Carl E. Cantrell (1967 moonshining)[12]
Charles Winston Carter (1964 conspiracy to steal government property)[12]
Meredith Elizabeth Casares (1989 embezzlement of US Postal Service funds)[13]
Ronald William Cauley (1980 Misapplication of bank funds by an employee)[4]
Steve Doyle Cavender (Conspiring to import, possess, distribute and dispense marijuana; importing and causing to be imported marijuana; possessing marijuana with intent to distribute)[5]
Cathryn Iline Clasen-Gage (1992 Misprision of a felony)[11]
Jackie Ray Clayborn, pardoned December 10, 2007 (1993 marijuana charges)[14]
Leslie Owen Collier (unauthorized use of a pesticide and violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act)[15][16]
Thomas Kimble Collinsworth (1989 Receipt of a stolen motor vehicle that had been transported in interstate commerce)[11]
Charles Russell Cooper (1959 bootlegging)[6]
Milton Kirk Cordes (conspiracy to violate the Lacey Act, prohibiting importation into the country of wildlife taken in violation of conservation laws)[15]
Anthony John Curreri (1976 Mail fraud)[17]
Morris F. Cranmer, Jr. (1988 Making materially false statements to a federally-insured institution)[11]
Dale C. Critz, Jr. (1989 making a false statement)
Richard Micheal Culpepper (making false statements to the federal government)[15]
William Charles Davis (1983 income tax evasion)[9]
Randall Leece Deal (1960 and 1964 liquor laws)[3]
Brenda Jean Dolenz-Helmer (reporting or helping cover up a crime)[15]
Paul Jude Donnici (September 23, 1993) Use of a telephone in the transmission of wagering information[18]
William Henry Eagle (1972 moonshining)[3]
Mark Alan Eberwine (1985 conspiracy to defraud the United States by impeding, impairing, and obstructing the assessment of taxes by the Internal Revenue Service and making false declarations to the grand jury. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
Rusty Lawrence Elliott (1991 Making counterfeit Federal Reserve notes)[11]
Marie Elena Eppens of Lynden, Wash. (conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute marijuana)[5]
Robert Carter Eversole (1984 theft)[3]
Lydia Lee Ferguson of Sun City, Ariz. (conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute marijuana)[5]
Gerald Douglas Ficke (1992 money laundering)[13]
Harper James Finucan (1980 marijuana possession with intent to distribute)[12]
Anthony C. Foglio aka Tony Foley, pardoned March 24, 2008 (1996 distributing marijuana)[14]
Kenneth Clifford Foner (1991 bank fraud)[3]
John Fornaby, pardoned December 10, 2007 (1991 conspiring to distribute cocaine)[14]
Marvin Robert Foster, pardoned March 24, 2008 (1968 making a false statement in connection with a Federal Housing Administration loan)[14]
Anthony Americo Franchi (1983 tax evasion)
Colin Earl Francis (1993 accepting a kickback of about $9,000 for helping a vendor for United Technologies Corp.'s Sikorsky Aircraft division, where Francis worked at the time, land a contract. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
Victoria Diane Frost (1994 conspiracy to possess)[3]
William Grover Frye (1968 AWOL and 1973 sale of stolen car)[3]
Joseph Daniel Gavin (1979 military insubordination, drunkenness, threats, and other offenses)[6]
George Glenn (1956 accepting $50 bribe while in military)
Eduviges Duvi Gonzalez-Matsumura of Clovis, Calif. (aiding and abetting embezzlement of bank funds)[5]
George Clarence Greene Jr. (Mail fraud)[5]
Samuel Wattie Guerry (1984 food stamp fraud)[18]
Adam Wade Graham (1992 Conspiracy to deliver 10 or more grams of LSD)[11]
Carl Harry Hachmeister, pardoned March 24, 2008 (1985 conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud)[14]
Charles E. Hamilton (1989 mail fraud)[18]
Stanley Bernard Hamilton 1990 (money order fraud)[3]
Brianna Lea Haney (1991 failure to report monetary instruments)[8]
Andrew Foster Harley (wrongful use and distribution of marijuana and cocaine)[15]
George Thomas Harley (1984 aiding and abetting the distribution of cocaine. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
Melton Harrell, pardoned December 10, 2007 (1976 stealing government property)[14]
Rufus Edward Harris (1963 Possession and selling tax-unpaid whiskey)[11]
Jesse Ray Harvey (1990 Property damage by use of explosives and destruction of an energy facility)[11]
David Custer Heaston (1988 false statement)[8]
Melodie Jean Hebert (1984 defrauding U.S. with false claims)[3]
Obie Gene Helton (unauthorized acquisition of food stamps)[15]
Carey C. Hice Sr. (income tax evasion)[15]
Geneva Yvonne Hogg (bank embezzlement)[15]
Patricia Ann Hultman (1985 conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute cocaine and other controlled substances. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
William Charles Jordan, Jr., pardoned December 10, 2007 (1997 conspiracy to gamble regarding football)[14][19]
James Won Hee Kang a/k/a Won Hee Kang (Trafficking in counterfeit goods)[5]
Saul Kaplan, pardoned December 10, 2007 (1992 violating the Federal Election Campaign Act)[14]
Bobby Frank Kay Sr. (1959 operation of an illegal distillery)[12]
James Ernest Kinard, Jr. (1984 fraudulent firearms dealer records)[3]
Richard Ardell Krueger (1979 mail fraud and 1980 and false statement on a loan application)[9]
Jason Welge who was charged with conspiracy to endanger penguins in violation of the 1907 U.S. Penguin Ceasefire[5]
Devin Timothy Kruse (1979 AWOL from Coast Guard)[3]
Margaret Ann Leggett (1981 false claims)
Raul Marin (1982 failure to appear in court)[6]
Larry Paul Lenius (1989 Conspiracy to distribute cocaine)[11]
Larry Lee Lopez (1985 Conspiracy to import marijuana)[11]
Alan Stephen Maiss (Misprision of a felony)[5]
Bobbie Archie Maxwell (1962 Mailing a threatening letter)[11]
David B. McCall, Jr. (1997 False entry in bank books and aiding and abetting)[20]
William Hoyle McCright Jr. (making false entries, books, reports or statements to a bank)[15]
Paul Julian McCurdy (misapplication of bank funds)[15]
John F. McDermott, pardoned December 10, 2007 (1995 receiving kickbacks in defense procurement contracts)[14]
William Marcus McDonald, pardoned March 24, 2008 (1984 Air Force court-martial for cocaine and marijuana charges)[14]
Melvin L. McKee (1982 conspiracy to make false statements on a loan application)[12]
Charles McKinley, (1950 moonshining)[12]
Michael Mark McLaughlin (1983 mail fraud and conspiracy)[9]
Craven Wilford McLemore (1983 Conspiracy to defraud the United States and Caddo County)[17]
Denise Bitters Mendelkow (1981 Embezzlement by a bank employee)[11]
Richard Harold Miller (Conspiracy to defraud the United States)[5]
Robert Michael Milroy, pardoned March 24, 2008 (1975 heroin importation)[14]
Michael Robert Moelter (1988 illegal gambling business)[8]
Robert Earl Mohon Jr. (conspiracy to distribute marijuana)[15]
Billie Curtis Moore (1977 income tax evasion)[9]
Ronald Alan Mohrhoff (unlawful use of a telephone in a narcotics felony)[15]
Jerry Lynn Moldenhauer, pardoned March 24, 2008 (1994 selling migratory bird parts in violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act)[14]
Thomas Donald Moldenhauer, pardoned March 24, 2008 (1994 selling migratory bird parts in violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act)[14]
Richard Arthur Morse (1963 transportation of a stolen vehicle)[13]
Gerard Murphy (1972 car theft)[3]
Kenneth Lynn Norris (1993 unlawful disposal of hazardous waste)[18]
Delano Abraham Nixon (Forging the endorsement on a U.S. Treasury check)[5]
William James Norman, pardoned December 10, 2007 (1970 moonshining)[14]
Joseph Mathew Novak (1994 possession and transfer of an illegal weapon)[3]
Eric William Olson (1984 military conviction for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, possession with intent to distribute, possession, and use of hashish. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
Glanus Terrell Osborne (1990 possessing a stolen motor vehicle)[14]
John H. Overholt (Concealment of information affecting Social Security benefits)[5]
Morris Keith Parker (Misprision of a felony)[5]
Donald Lee Pendergrass (1964 armed bank robbery)[12]
Fred Dale Pitzer (1976 transportation of falsely made securities)[13]
Charles Blurford Power (1948 transportation of a stolen vehicle)[12]
Michael John Pozorski (1988 Unlawful possession of an unregistered firearm)[11]
Daniel Figh Pue III (illegal treatment, storage and disposal of a hazardous waste without a permit)[15]
Richard James Putney, pardoned March 24, 2008 (1996 aiding and abetting the escape of a prisoner)[14]
Robert Truman Reece (Unauthorized absence,missing ship's movement)[5]
Thomas R. Reece (1969 violating the Internal Revenue Code pertaining to alcohol. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
James Edward Reed (1975 marijuana possession with intent to distribute)[9]
Cecil John Rhodes (1981 false statement on a loan application)[13]
John Louis Ribando (1976 and 1978 marijuana dealing)[3]
Donald Edward Roessler (Embezzlement of mail matter)[5]
Larry Gene Ross (1989 making false statements in a bank loan application. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
Ernest Rudnet (1992 conspiracy to file false tax returns)[6]
Gary L. Saltzburg (1995 theft of government property)[6]
John Gregory Schillace (1988 conspiracy to possess cocaine for distribution)[12]
Russell Don Sell (1995 aiding and abetting a false statement on a loan application)[13]
Scott LaVerne Sparks (1989 theft of government property)[9]
Wendy St. Charles (1984 conspiracy to trade narcotics and cocaine distribution)[12]
David Lloyd St. Croix (1989 disposal of stolen explosives)[6]
Jearld David Swanner (1991 making false statements in a bank loan application. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
James Walter Taylor (1991 bank fraud. Pardoned December 21, 2006)
Timothy Alfred Thone, pardoned March 24, 2008 (1987 making a false statement to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to obtain a mortgage)[14]
Johnson Heyward Tisdale (1994 food stamp fraud)[18]
Issac Robert Toussie (False statements to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, mail fraud; revoked one day later[irt 1][21])[5]
Edward Rodriguez Trevino, Jr. (1997 theft, convicted in military court)[3]
Lonnie Edward Two Eagle Sr., pardoned March 24, 2008 (1976 misdemeanor simple assault on an Indian reservation)[14]
Janet Theone Upton (1975 mail fraud. pardoned December 21, 2006)
Orion Lynn Vick (aiding and abetting the theft of government property)[15]
Jerry Dean Walker (1989 cocaine distribution)[3]
Joseph William Warner (1995 arson on an Indian reservation)[6]
Mark Lewis Weber (1981 Selling Quaalude tablets, selling, using, and possessing marijuana )[11]
Roger Charles Weber (1969 Theft from an interstate shipment)[4]
Jimmy Lee Williams (1995 false statements on a loan application)[12]
David Lane Woolsey (Aiding and abetting violation of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act)
^ Issac Robert Toussie (False statements to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, mail fraud) George W. Bush has revoked his pardon after discovering Issac Robert Toussie's father donated USD $28,500 to the Republican Party in April.
Bobby Mac Berry, May 20, 2004 (Conspiracy to manufacture and possess with intent to manufacture marijuana, money laundering)[22]
Geraldine Gordon, May 20, 2004 (Conspiracy to distribute phencyclidine, distribution of phencyclidine)[22]
Phillip Anthony Emmert, December 21, 2006 (Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine)[22]
Lewis Libby, July 2, 2007 (2007 one count of obstruction of justice; two counts of perjury; and one count of making false statements to federal investigators)[23]
Michael Dwayne Short, December 10, 2007 (Aiding and abetting the distribution of cocaine base)[22]
Patricia Beckford, March 24, 2008 (Conspiracy and attempt to distribute in excess of 50 grams of crack cocaine)[22]
John Forté, November 24, 2008 (possession with intent to distribute cocaine and conspiracy to distribute)[24]
James Russell Harris, November 24, 2008 (convicted in 1993 of cocaine conspiracy, money laundering and bribery)[25]
Reed Raymond Prior of Des Moines, Iowa, December 23, 2008 (possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute)[5]
Ignacio Ramos, January 19, 2009 (2006 Shooting and wounding admitted and later convicted drug smuggler Osvaldo Aldrete Dávila and trying to cover up the incident)[26]
Jose Compean, January 19, 2009 (2006 Shooting and wounding admitted and later convicted drug smuggler Osvaldo Aldrete Dávila and trying to cover up the incident)[26]

sorry its so long but you know I wouldn't want to leave anyone out.
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