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I'm sure you already know this, but if 50 people respond to this'll have 50 different opinions. I guess myself, I'm somewhere between "fanboy" and "hater".

The OS is getting better (in my opinion) with each leaked version. Right now I'm running the .99 beta. Much better than the .90.

As for the pros: the screen is awesome. Great size and clarity. The call quality is also very good. Since you said you'd be interested in the video/camera aspect of it...well, I don't do any video so that I can't help you with. Camera: a lot of people are much heavier camera users than myself, but I haven't had any issues with it. The few pictures I've taken with it have turned out great. Some have said there's camera bugs or issues but I also think those have gotten better with the new OS upgrades.

Cons: if you're a heavy text/email user...I'd really, really think about it. Personally, this is the biggest downfall to me: I can't type worth a crap on it. I seem to spend more time fixing my mistakes than anything. It's just not as comfortable to me (again..personally) than having actual buttons. I came from a Pearl and there's no way I can even remotely type on this thing as fast as I could my Pearl. I've tried all different settings and maybe I'm a fat finger guy...don't know. I don't blame RIM or anyone else; it's a touch screen. Some people can do it, I hate it. It's not a RIM issue; I feel the same way about the iPhone (friend has one and I can't type worth a crap on it either).

Myself, like I said I don't think I'm a hater, but I'm definitely no fanboy either. It's decent for me, but I can already tell as soon as the 8930 comes to Verizon, my Storm is gone. But everyone is different.....

Good luck with whatever you end up with.
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