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Originally Posted by jletendre View Post
Palm is somewhat like Apple. Great product but without a good back end to manage, report, delpoy with it's appeal is limited to large enterprise. Considering what BES offers us and at an TCO nothing can match why would any large company with a sizeable deployment switch to Palm (or iPhone for that matter)?

A slick device is half the solution and while both offer some fantastic advances they are not business focused and I question if there is any Palm developers left? I got into this field back when Palm was everywhere and I can't even count the number of Palm Professional, V's, Vx I deployed.

The past few Palm's didn't make much of a splash and I seriously think the majority of their user base (both consumer and business) have migrated to another platform.

Now if they could snap into BES or Mobile Device Manager 2008 it would make an interesting choice but they'd need to be similar priced.
I do agree with you...but I see it in a different light. Most of the world does not need instant, secure email. The iPhone, as well as the Pre, is not targeting the hard core corporate email user. it is targeting the other 90% of the world's phone users. They simply want a phone that makes calls when they want to, get a few emails, and text themselves silly. They want to plug in their headphones, turn on the music or watch a movie on their commute on the train. The iPhone is fantastic for this...and the Pre will also. The BB (I have a "ninja bold") a fantastic device...but it is a small niche compared to the world's users.
There are very few of us mobile tech geeks...pulling our phones apart to change bezels, trackballs, etc. 95% of the world doesn't give a damn about what OS they have on their phones as long as it works. They aren't going to spend hours updating their OS with betas, deleting vendor files, etc. They just want to plug the thing in to their computers, transfer their contacts and music...and off they go. if they have a software update...they just want to do it automatically...without the tech stuff we love.
The Pre and iPhone fit that bill perfectly. They are built well...simple to use...add music and games...and occasionally email and send text. You won't find 95% of the world's users writing about their phones on forums or tearing them apart. Only the select us. They don't have the time nor the patience for this stuff! I think the Pre will do very nicely in Europe and Asia...and eventually the states. It fits the masses.
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