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Originally Posted by DrJerry View Post
I do agree with you...but I see it in a different light. Most of the world does not need instant, secure email.
The point here is you can get instant push and sync with other devices now besides a blackberry. Trust me, I LOVE my BB, and for me the killer app is mail, followed by it has to be a good phone. Of course the BB excels in these areas. However, with Exchange active sync, you can get instant mail and sync. Most MS mobile devices and now the iPhone work very well with no delay for mail delivery. On S60 device, I could never get instant active sync to work with mail for exchange, but even at 15 minutes intervals, it worked fine for most situations.

I think the Pre will do well, but I still think RIM/BB will rule large enterprise installatons. Any company that implemented a BES infrastructure along thousands of BBs is unlikely to ditch it all and switch to either a Pre or iphone environment. However, I think both Apple and Palm have done a smart thing by supporting EAS, since it can be deployed side by side with a BES server. I dont know about the security aspects of EAS (I assume it support SSL), but that will allow other devices to coexist with a BES.

The real question will be, will corporations want to support multiple phone platforms and will users, especially higher up execs, demand support for their iPhones and Pres. At my company, we have a BES server and also have users using EAS to sync their iphones and WM devices. It all works nicely together.
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