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I used this thread as the basis for my FIX. I had initially installed the beta .77 for the 8830 back in August but my BB kept locking up. I could perform one or two things and it would lock. If I let it go to hibernate, it would light up when I pressed a button but it would be locked. Since I was leaving on a trip, I reverted back to the 4.2.....

Reading about everyone's success with the BELL official 4.5, I finally decided to do it. Well, more of the same - lockups. I tried a second install. No better. Went back to 4.2 and all was well.

I figured it was either a bad theme under 4.5 or one of the many apps I had installed blowing the 8830 with 4.5 to pieces.

Finally, I decided to remove the sim card and the 8gig Media Card. No lockups. Since each time I plugged in the BB, VistaHomePre said the card needed scanning, I figured maybe it was bad. So I allowed the interminable scan and it fixed the card but LOCKUP. I finally backed up the card and formatted the darn thing the slow way and reinstalled all of my music/video/etc. LOCKUP!!!

I guess I had recalled this thread. Read it again (THANKS AGAIN). I went after those DARN DAT files. I do have my music in a series of subfolders under Music by composer. I did leave that arrangement only removing the DAT files. Plugged the card in with fingers crossed holding scads of my pulled out hair.... The BB started scanning the music and I went to bed. This morning it was NOT locked up and was functioning - first time in a full day. The music appeared to be in order from some random plays. It has functioned all day.

Of course, I did lose all of my third party apps and their various setting and/or serial numbers and have been slowly recovering but also deciding I did not use ''this or that" anyway.

Long story short - it appears to be working .... and now maybe I will reinstall the sim card and reinstall the battery cover (which has been removed for more than 24 hours and even place it back in its Otterbox!

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