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So to keep this thread alive, here are a few comments based on my new install of v1.2, which was released a few days ago. Still not a true Storm version, but some improvements.

From comments before :
- Scrolling much smoother, faster; Transition from Landscape to Portrait much faster; Other users had reported feeling their Storm started lagging everywhere after installing the older version of Agendus, and I felt the same - I think that has improved a lot with v1.2
- When you select a Task in the Task view, it no longer disappears from view

The rest of my comments stand, although the speed improvement does improve usability a lot.

I also want to comment again on the user interface, as I think that is a HUGE part of the problem I have with Agendus' current incarnation. I think a large part of the issue is dependence on the Menu key, which I gather was a real feature of previous BB's. As a newcomer to the BB world, I think that key is now one of the biggest drawbacks to the Storm. Look at it this way :

With the Storm now, to see if I am available for an appointment and to book it, I have to :
- Click Menu
- Click Go to View
- Click Week View - List
- Scroll to desired date, or if it's in another week, click Menu - Go to Date and click Previous or Next Week; If it's 2 weeks out I have to click Choose Date, click the date shown, scroll to the date I want, click OK, click Menu, click OK
... I think you get my drift. No wonder BB users have sore thumbs!

Why can't I just :
- Click on the Go to View drop down available on all screens
- Click Week List
- Scroll to whatever week I want, or at worst click on the Select Date drop down that's on all screens, click Previous/Next Week on it, or at the worst have click Choose Date to pop up a calendar where I can just click on the desired date

Another drawback to the Menu key is that I can't tell without looking which way I'm holding my Storm - are the keys on the left or right? The screen doesn't care, it just rotates. The Menu key should either not exist, or there should be the same number of buttons in the same position each side of the screen. Their function would stay consistent as the accelerometer would know the position and light each one with a consistent colour and assign a consistent function (ie - the bottom right button is always lit green and always opens the Phone app, no matter how many times you play Spin the Storm.). And that's my rant for today.

I think the best thing any Storm app could do is try and eliminate use of the Menu key and put everything directly on the screen. Maybe that's what they're doing. I hope so.

- R.
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