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Originally Posted by Beetal View Post
I request moderators and other members to please provide me information on my queries.....
1. If a mail is read on my device...will it reflect as unread in my mailbox also..and vice versa.
2.If i delete mail on my mailbox why it is not deleted on my device???
3. Should these things not happen in order to make it a real push solution.
4. Why a copy of sent mail is stored in my device's inbox irrespective of mail sent from device or desktop.
I was using Seven for push mail system earlier and it had all these functions which seem more appropriate and logical to me.
1. It'll be unread on your PC.
2. Because it's already on your Blackberry assuming the phone is on of course. If you delete it on the BB it'll delete on your pc assuming your mail program isn't running.
4. If you want a copy of sent email from your BB to store on your BB you have to send a copy to yourself. It's different from Outlook, where it automatically gets put in the sent folder.
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