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Originally Posted by strike2tamu View Post
Eh I could have probably gotten 2 "free" 8900's from T-Mobile, but I don't like taking advantage of a company that has provided me with such great service for 7 years...and under 120 bucks for 2 lines, unlimited data on both lines, all unlimited messaging on both lines, 1000 minutes, free nights and weekends, and free mobile to mobile...I have never once gone over my minute usage in the 7 years...I have probably lost service twice during this 7 year period and have no intentions of ever leaving no matter what kind of deal another company offers me(especially at&t)...unless T-Mobile changes and does some really crazy things, which isn't likely. That's my reasoning for not threatening to its not illegal...but its not professional either.
If you could get something free, why wouldn't you? How in any sense of the statement is this taking advantage of T-Mobile? As another poster has already said, this is a business agreement that benefits both sides. T-Mobile now has me locked in for another 3600+ bucks over the next 2 years and I get to save about 600 bucks on the phones. I have been a customer of T-Mobile for 6 or 7 years myself, and given their company thousands of dollars. If T-Mobile didn't see it in their best interests to offer me this kind of deal, then they wouldn't do it, plain and simple. I could understand if I was doing something illegal, or even something frowned up, but this was ENCOURAGED by a T-Mobile representative. I told them AT&T offered me a better deal, which was the complete truth and they gave me a counter offer to keep me as a customer.

The only way I could see you logically disagreeing with this is if it were your pocket the 600 I'm saving was coming directly out of. Even then, you'd make that and 6 times that much on me over the next 2 years. Anyway, this is my last reply to you. I can already tell you're not going to see the logic in this business transaction. You are entitled to your own opinion, it's just in this case I think you're being kind of stubborn by refusing to look at it logically.
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